Google Pixel 4 XL deal bags phone CHEAP with BIG data and UNLIMITED mins/txts

Grab the Google Pixel 4 XL for very little upfront, along with with a massive data, unlimited mins and texts SIM plan

Google Pixel 4 XL phone deal
(Image credit: Google)

For anyone looking to upgrade to the Google Pixel 4 XL flagship phone then this superb phone deal from the Carphone Warehouse is definitely worth checking out. 

That's because this Google Pixel 4 XL deal gets you the handset cheap, along with a quality EE SIM plan that delivers big data, as well as unlimited minutes and texts.

This deal is part of Carphone Warehouse's big summer sale, which joins many others from the UK's biggest retailers that are currently live – all of which can be browsed in T3's Summer Savings guide.

The full details of the Google Pixel 4 XL phone deal can be viewed below:

Google Pixel 4 XL 64GB | Up-front cost: £79.99 | Monthly cost: £35 | 50GB data | Unlimited mins & texts | Contract: 24 months | EE | Available now
The Google Pixel 4 XL, the phone that is widely praised as one of the best phones on the market for taking photos, for just £79 up-front is a great deal. Then when you throw in the fact that the phone also comes with a quality, big-data SIM plan from EE, too, and the real star quality of this offer becomes evident. Free delivery is included, too.View Deal

Fancy a Google Pixel 4 XL but would prefer a SIM plan from another network? Or actually would prefer to buy the phone SIM free and then partner it with a great SIM only deal? If so then be sure to check out today's very best Google Pixel 4 XL deals in the comparison chart below:

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