Get a cheap Approach S40 or S60 Garmin golf watch deal for Prime Day

The Garmin Approach S40 and Garmin Approach S60 up to $50 off. Or get a Garmin Edge 1030 cycle computer HALF PRICE!

Garmin Approach S60 Amazon Prime Day deal
(Image credit: Garmin)

If you're looking for the best Garmin watch deals for Amazon Prime Day, rest assured, America has THE best. Take it from us – we're working from England and the Garmin deals here suck. As well as all the Forerunner running watch deals you'd expect, there's also some great Garmin Approach golf watch deals. And if you like to cycle to the golf course, there's also a brilliant offer on the premium Garmin Edge 1030 – it's half price, in fact.

• Buy Garmin Approach S40 for $200. Was $300

• Buy Garmin Approach S60 for $270. Was $320, originally $400

• Buy Garmin Edge 1030, 3.5" GPS Cycling/Bike Computer for $300. Was $460. Originally $600

Garmin Approach S60 $270 | Was $399 | Save $130 at Amazon
Officially the Best Golf Watch you can buy, this is the best version of the Garmin S60 available, with over 40,000 courses you can view in colour on your wrist as you play 'em. Fast and reliable GPS location grabbing means you'll always know the yardage left to greens, Hazards and dog-legs. This has recently been discounted to $319 but the price of $270 is a solid saving over even that.View Deal

Garmin Approach S40 $200 | Was $300 | Save $100 at Amazon
Arguably an even better deal, the S40 is down to 200 bucks and has all the same key features as the S60. Sure, you don't get to see the whole course on your wrist, but you can still see the green 'live' and – more important – your current distance from it.View Deal

Garmin Edge 1030 $300. Was $600 | Save $300, half price at Amazon
The most advanced bike computer you can buy, the Edge 1030 is used by numerous pro cycle teams at the Tour de France and beyond. As well as providing GPS guidance and tracking it is compatible with a huge range of power and cadence meters and more besides. It's recently been $416, but $300 is an uncommonly good deal for this sought-after bike computer.

View Deal

Why you should buy Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

Run time: up to 60 minutes (admittedly more like 8-10 minutes on maximum power, but you'd be surprised how much you can do without using the turbo setting) | Bin capacity: 0.76 litres | Charge time: 3.5 hours

Although now replaced as top dog in the Dyson line-up by the V11, the V10 remains an excellent choice, especially at this kind of price. It comes with 2 large heads – one for carpet and one for hard floors (although the carpet one is perfectly good on hard floors as well, in truth) . Overall suction power is slightly less powerful than the V11 and the battery lacks the V11's smart optimisation and hence tends to last a shorter period of time between charges. Battery life is still sufficient for anyone who isn't wanting to deep clean a whole, large house in one pass.

Although 0.76 litres might not sound like much, the bin is actually surprisingly capacious – and it's easy to empty, too. The Absolute package has every attachment any user could want.

Particularly if you vacuum 'little but often' and have largely hard floors and a few rugs, this is a great choice. It also looks a bit like a ray gun, which is another big plus.

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