The 5 best Black Friday TVs for PS5 – today's top deals in all sizes

These are the best TVs for PS5 with Black Friday deals available today – all with support for 4K 120Hz and more next-gen features

Sony TV with PS5 and sign saying Black Friday deals
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Lots of people are looking for the best TVs for PS5 among the Black Friday TV deals this year, and that's no surprise – despite shortages, tons of us have managed to get hold of a console, and we all want to make the most of its next-gen features. So right here, we've picked out the top PS5-ready TVs that have Black Friday discounts running already.

(And sorry if you haven't been able to get hold of one, but our PS5 restock guide is doing its best to help you!)

The PS5 supports HDMI 2.1, which enables some new ways of playing that previous consoles couldn't manage – right now, that means 4K at 120fps, but Sony has said that Variable Refresh Rate and ALLM low-latency mode should come in the future.

However, not all TVs support these HDMI 2.1 features. You need a modern set with the right panel and connection technology. We have a whole guide to the best gaming TVs that can talk you through that stuff… but if you're just looking for something with a discount right now, you can stick here, because we've scoured the best Black Friday deals for only the worthy options.

We've chosen options that cover as much of a budget and size range as possible, but you'll note that nothing here is super-cheap: that's because HDMI 2.1 is still pretty new, and budget TVs don't include it yet. 

We've picked particular sizes for each TV that we think really offer the best value, but if you want to see the current lowest prices for other size options of any of the models we've chosen, just head to the bottom of the article.

The top 5 TVs for PS5 with Black Friday deals

Sony X85J 43-inch 4K TV: was $698, now $648 at Amazon

Sony X85J 43-inch 4K TV: was $698, now $648 at Amazon
Save $50 off the smallest and cheapest option here. You've got 4K 120Hz and VRR support over the HDMI 2.1 port, and this is one of Sony's own 'Perfect for PS5' TVs, which means the PS5 will optimize its HDR output for this set automatically. It's also just a really strong set for movies, with Dolby Vision support, and Dolby Atmos audio.

LG C1 48-inch OLED TV: was $1296, now $1096 at Amazon

LG C1 48-inch OLED TV: was $1296, now $1096 at Amazon
This is the blockbuster OLED TV of 2021, and this $200 saving makes it the cheapest it's ever been. You get excellent 4K image quality for movies with the highest-end image processing, plus HDMI 2.1 connectivity on all four HDMI ports, which means you connect as many next-gen gaming sources as you can think of. Totally future-proof, looks fantastic, and with full 4K 120Hz/VRR support. 

Sony X90J 55-inch 4K TV:  was $1198, now $998 at Walmart

Sony X90J 55-inch 4K TV: was $1198, now $998 at Walmart
Right now you can save $200 on this 55-inch LED TV. It features HDMI 2.1 for 120Hz 4K gaming, as well as Dolby Vision HDR and a Google TV OS. And if you want a bigger version, check out the 75-inch model below. 

Samsung Q80A 65-inch QLED 4K TV: was $1699, now $1199 at Samsung

Samsung Q80A 65-inch QLED 4K TV: was $1699, now $1199 at Samsung
Look at this price for a high-quality 65-inch TV! That's thanks for $500 of savings – but this thing is premium all the way. QLED tech makes for rich colors, it's brighter than the OLED TVs here (so is great for gaming in a room that gets lots of light), and its contrast is seriously impressive for an LED TV. You've got one HDMI 2.1 port, with full 4K 120Hz and VRR support.

Sony X90J 75-inch 4K TV:  was $2098, now $1598 at Crutchfield

Sony X90J 75-inch 4K TV: was $2098, now $1598 at Crutchfield
This is maybe the best-value 75-inch TV around, thanks to its $500 Black Friday discount. This is another 'Perfect for PS5' TV from Sony, meaning that supports 4K 120Hz over its two HDMI 2.1 ports, as well as VRR – and the PS5 customizes its HDR output to perfectly match this TV, which is especially impressive at this huge 65-inch size. For movies and everything else, it's a glorious TV too – Sony's next-gen processing ekes every drop of detail from a scene, which is what you want at this size.

More sizes on the best TVs for PS5

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