Black Friday has arrived early with this cheap OLED 4K TV deal at Walmart

Get almost $1,000 off the stunning LG C9. There's also money off the more upmarket E9

LG C9 OLED 4K TV deal Walmart
(Image credit: LG)

Cheap OLED TVs are a rarity but Walmart has a great deal on one of the best OLED 4K UHD televisions you can buy. Right now there's $903 off the multi-award-winning LG OLED C9 55-inch, with further savings to be had on the 65-inch C9 and the more high-tone E9. It's the kind of sale you'd normally expect to find in the Cyber Monday deals, in fact.

Buy LG OLED C9 55-inch for $1,596.99 at Walmart. Was $2,499.99 – save $903

Buy LG OLED C9 65-inch for $2,496.99 at Walmart. Was $2,996.99 – save $500

Buy LG OLED E9 65-inch for $2,996.99 at Walmart. Was $4,299.99 – save $1,303

The 55-inch C9 is probably the best deal of the three above but if you're looking for a real statement TV, the bigger and more luxe E9 might turn your head. Please note that in terms of visual quality, the screen in the E9 is identical to the cheaper C9.


LG OLED55C9 | Now $1,596 | Was $2499.99 |Save $903 at Walmart
The C9 offers incredibly cinematic 4K and upscaled HD visuals, supports Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos 3D surround sound, and then cements its appeal with a genius-level smart TV system that makes it easy to find the content you want. It's also excellent at upscaling standard def, and handling of contrast and black levels is way better than what even the best LCD TV can pull off. 


LG OLED65E9 | Now $2,996.99 | Was $4,299.99 | Save $1,303 at Walmart
The E9 range uses the same panel as the C9 so what you're paying extra for here is, as LG puts it, "Flawless glass design… Timeless. Pristine. A view so clear, it's beautiful whether turned off or on." ie: the case looks nicer than the C9's. With over 1,000 bucks off, it starts to look even more attractive…

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Why should you buy an LG OLED 4K TV?

LG makes the OLED panels that all other brands use. So while you can quibble over precisely which TV brand you like best, clearly LG has an in-built advantage when it comes to getting the most out of OLED.

As well as the fantastic colour and contrast and 'inifinite' black levels that OLED serves up, LG's 4K UHD TVs also use HDR (high dynamic range) image buffing to create something truly special with compatible films and TV shows from Blu-ray disks, Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and elsewhere. 

However, another great thing about LG's TVs is that they do an excellent job of upscaling 1080p HD video without HDR and even good quality standard-def material is scrubbed up to look perfectly passable. 

LG's webOS smart TV platform is also arguably the best of the big brands' efforts, making it easy to find TV shows, streamed content and additional sources plugged in via the 4 HDMI sockets. A wealth of apps is available, so you'll never run out of things to watch.

Finally, LG's TVs are very attractive slabs of metal and glass that will grace any living room.

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