Apple HomePod DEAL! Sonos rival hits cheapest ever UK price with a whopping £80 off

Get Apple's amazing-sounding smart speaker for just £199 – easily the cheapest we've ever seen it!

Apple HomePod deal May Argos £199
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We expect to see the odd Apple HomePod deal among the best Amazon Prime Day deals, but there’s no need to wait to see when (or if) Amazon Prime Day is because Argos just slashed the price to its lowest ever, making it a no-brainer for Apple-fan music lovers.

The HomePod is Apple's competitor for the Sonos One, but with Siri as your assistant instead of Alexa/Google, and arguably even better audio quality. With the price now reduced to the same as the Sonos One RRP - although check our best Sonos deals for its actual current pricing - this HomePod deal is finger lickin’ good. But don’t lick your fingers; it’s unsanitary. 

It‘s unlikely this cheapo HomePod deal will last long, so get stuck in.

The only catch is that you must be deep into Apple's ecosystem. Siri can can only play music from Apple Music, and while you can stream any audio to it wirelessly, it only works over Apple's AirPlay system, which is only built into its devices, plus via iTunes on Windows.

But if you do have Apple gear and would like a serious music upgrade, we can't recommend the HomePod enough at this price. Hell, buy a couple – you can pair them into a stereo system in the same room, or you can turn them into an AirPlay-based multi-room system.

Apple HomePod | Was £279 | Now £199 at Argos
Seven beam-forming tweeters and a high-excursion woofer give the HomePod far better sound than this 18cm-high cylinder has any right to offer. It even listens to the sound as it plays, adjusting its output for the acoustics of your room. Siri is built in, offering knowledge, smart home control, information about your day, and more.View Deal

Depending on your location, Argos can deliver the HomePod, or you can arrange to pick it up from Argos stores located in Sainsbury’s.

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