Amazon Prime Day deals: Top 5 Nerf guns and Super Soakers, up to 74% off!

Our top Prime Day Nerf deals get you fun blasters for really cheap prices

Prime Day deals Nerf Super Soaker
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Summer is the time for outdoors fun, and what's more fun than haring around with a Nerf blaster or water gun? Happily, among the best Prime Day deals are some great discounts on these toy favourites, including a whopping 74% off one blaster, taking it from over £30 down to under £10.

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As the weather gets hotter, the Super Soaker options we've got here might be more popular than the Nerf blasters – and you can see our full guide to the best water guns if you want more options – but the Nerf guns do have the advantage of being useable indoors when the weather isn't so good.

Our picks here range for impulse-buy level up to somewhat more elaborate options, and the Fortnite-themed Nerf blaster might be exactly what someone you know will love. If none of these take your fancy, we also have our guide to the best Nerf guns.

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Best Prime Day deals on Nerf and Super Soaker

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor
Mega Nerf deal!

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor | RRP: £34.66 | Now: £8.99 | Save: £25.67 (74%) at Amazon UK
What a great price for foam dart mayhem! This Nerf blaster houses six darts in its rotating drum, and promises to blast them up to 90 feet. You can fire one at a time, or all six in a rapid rain of Nerf glory. This uses no batteries – there's a priming action to get it ready to fire. It comes with six darts.

Nerf Super Soaker Twin Tide

Nerf Super Soaker Twin Tide | RRP: £13.06 | Now: £9.69 | Save: £3.37 (26%) at Amazon UK
What's better than soaking someone with one stream of water? Two streams, of course! Holding 1 litre of water in its tank, you get two powerful but thin water jets, so you can be accurate at distance, but still provide a pretty solid drenching.

Nerf Elite 2.0 Shockwave RD-15 Blaster

Nerf Elite 2.0 Shockwave RD-15 Blaster | RRP: £26.99 | Now: £13.99 | Save: £13 (48%) at Amazon UK
A Nerf blaster with six bullets in a barrel? Pfffft. Weedy. Now 15 bullets? That's the good stuff. Using pump action, you can prime to fire one at a time or – yes – let all 15 rip in a big barrage. This gun actually comes with 30 foam bullets in total, so you've got a full reload in the box. It's excellent value.

Nerf Super Soaker DinoSquad Dino-Soak

Nerf Super Soaker DinoSquad Dino-Soak | RRP: £14.99 | Now: £10.39 | Save: £4.60 (31%)
What's cooler than a Super Soaker? A dinosaur-shaped Super Soaker, of course. Designed to look like a Dilophosaurus (the spitting one from Jurassic Park), this is a classic pump-action water gun with an extra-fun design.

Nerf Fortnite AR-L Motorised Dart Blaster

Nerf Fortnite AR-L Motorised Dart Blaster | Was: £39.99 | Now: £25.89 | Save: £14.10 (35%) at Amazon UK
Yes, it's Fortnite and Nerf, together at last. This recreation of a Fortnite weapon takes four AA batteries for powerful motorised blasting with no pump-action priming required. Fire up the motor and then you can unleash your clip of 10 foam bullets, with another 10 included in the box for reloading.

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