The best Lego Prime Day deals 2021 – at least 33% off top sets!

Huge Prime Day deals on everything from Lego Technic to Lego Star Wars to Lego Architecture and Lego Disney!

Lego Prime Day deals 2021
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We always expect to see some great Lego set discounts among the best Prime Day deals, and this year hasn't disappointed. There are loads of really cool sets in Amazon's big sale – more than we can possibly hope to talk you through, though we'll pick out our favourites a little further down.

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Among today's best Lego deals, you'll find offers on sets appealing to adults as well as kids, and on some the most popular Lego collections. There are Lego Star Wars ships, beautiful Lego Architecture buildings, intricate Lego Technic machines, classic Lego Creator playsets, and loads more.

The real crown jewel in today's discounts is the Lego Friends Central Perk set, which is one of the most desirable sets of 2021. But read on for the other sets we've picked out, all with at least 30% discount, and many with over 40% off, so now is 100% the time to buy them!

All of these deals will only last until 11:59pm on June 22nd.

The best Lego Prime Day deals of 2021

Lego Ideas Friends Central Perk
Deal of the day!

Lego Ideas Friends Central Perk | RRP: £64.99 | Now: £40.99 | Save £24 (37%) at Amazon UK
This is a perfect set for fans of the show – you recreate the Central Perk set, complete with the six friends and Gunther. It's designed to be just like the actual set of the show (and even has studio lights as a nod to this). It's fun to build, and full of nostalgia – now is fantastic value.

Lego Architecture London Skyline

Lego Architecture London Skyline | RRP: £44.99 | Now: £26.99 | Save £18 (40%) at Amazon UK
These Lego skyline sets are utterly adorable, take up very little space but look fantastic on the shelf, and are really fun to build over an afternoon. Just a warning that you might be hooked after this one – there's a whole collection of them, after all. At this price, it's a great little gift for yourself, or someone else.

Lego Technic 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler Truck

Lego Technic 6x6 Volvo Articulated Hauler Truck | RRP: £229.99 | Now: £121.99 | Save £108 (47%) at Amazon UK
This is not just a very cool machine to build from over 2,000 pieces – it's also a remote control vehicle! Three motors and a Bluetooth control unit are part of its build, and you can use an app to drive it around and control the big tipper bucket.

Lego Mario Starter Set

Lego Mario Starter Set | RRP: £49.99 | Now: £33.98 | Save: £16.01 (33%) at Amazon UK
This the place to start with Lego Mario, because it includes the all-important Mario smart figure, as well as a great selection of different platforms to build. Our Lego Mario review explains how this mix of Lego and a smart toy works, but it's great fun. There are expansion sets available to buy too: Wiggler's Poison Swamp at 44% off and the Master Your Adventure set (which has a big cool mix of add-ons) also at 44% off.

Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker's X-Wing

Lego Star Wars Luke Skywalker's X-Wing | RRP: £44.99 | Now: £29.99 | Save £15 (33%) at Amazon UK
Can't go wrong with an X-Wing! It looks great, the wings shift position (naturally), and it comes with Luke, R2-D2, Leia and – everyone's favourite – General Dodonna. The landing gear is retractable, and it has two spring-loaded shooters.

Lego Marvel Iron Man Helmet

Lego Marvel Iron Man Helmet | RRP: £54.99 | Now: £34.99 | Save: £20 (36%) at Amazon UK
Commemorate Tony Stark's epic movie run with this helmet built, which stands 7 inches high (so it's easy to accommodate and display). For the adult MCU fan, it's a very cool build, and looks great. 

Lego City Town Centre

Lego City Town Centre | RRP: £89.99 | Now: £53.99 | Save: £36 (40%) at Amazon UK
What a great playset for kids! You've got a road section with vehicles, a car wash, a restaurant, a park, a dojo and a recycling centre. The range of minifigures is great too, allowing for all kinds of imaginative play: there's a blind man with guide dog, mother and baby, chef, robber, and some characters from the Lego City TV series.

Lego Creator 3in1 Pirate Ship, Inn & Skull Island

Lego Creator 3in1 Pirate Ship, Inn & Skull Island | RRP: £89.99 | Now: £51.99 | Save: £38 (42%) at Amazon UK
It's a pirate ship, with firing cannons and a shark to stalk it! It's an inn, with horse and cart, spinning water wheel and multiple rooms to play with! It's skull island, with hidden treasure, a raft and a rowboat! It's whichever one you want to make that day.

Lego Disney Frozen II Arendelle Castle Village

Lego Disney Frozen II Arendelle Castle Village | RRP: £74:99 | Now: £51.99 | Save: £23 (31%) at Amazon UK
Don't let this one go! You get to build a three-storey castle with rooms from the movie, plus there are village food stalls, and a rowboat. Anna, Elsa and Kristoff figures are included.

Lego Architecture Statue of Liberty

Lego Architecture Statue of Liberty | RRP: £89.99 | Now: £51.99 | Save: £38 (42%) at Amazon UK
This is favourite in the T3 Lego library. It's pretty incredible how accurate both the pedestal and the statue itself is, considering Lego bricks aren't exactly conducive to making flowing robes. It's a fun build, looks striking, and this is really great value.

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