Amazon Echo Deals: save up to 50% on Echo Dot, Echo Show and Echo Plus!

Grab an Echo Dot for just £29, or Echo Show 5 for just £49

Amazon Echo Dot deal
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There are some killer cheap Amazon Echo deals right now, including on the hyper-popular Echo Dot, which is down from its £49 RRP to just £29 at and Amazon UK right now.

Buy Amazon Echo Dot for £29 (save £20.99) at
Buy Amazon Echo Dot for £29.99 (save £20) at Amazon UK

That's not the only Alexa device on sale, though: you can also save big on the Amazon Echo Show 5 smart display, and the biggest price cut of all is on the Amazon Echo Plus smart hub/speaker.

Buy Amazon Echo Show 5 for £49.99 (save £30) at Amazon UK
Buy Amazon Echo Plus for £64.99 (save £75) at Amazon UK

The Echo Show is the most affordable smart display, packing an Alexa speaker with a five-inch display, plus camera. When you ask Alexa for information, you can see it on-screen too. It can play video, whether that's from online (great for recipes), from compatible smart security cameras, or from video calling with other Echo Show devices.

The Echo Plus is a bigger, beefier Alexa speaker than the regular model, with more powerful Dolby-tuned sound. The real draw, though, is the built-in Zigbee control hub: this wireless tech is used by lots of smart home devices, including Philips Hue bulbs. It means you can control a whole range of smart home gadgets without needing a hub for them – they connect directly to the Echo Plus, and you can even add them to the system just asking Alexa to scan for them, instead of fiddling with apps.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd-gen) | Save £20.99 | Now £29 at
This mini Alexa speaker does everything you'd expect – play music, answer questions, control smart devices, communicate with other Echo devices – but in a tiny, cheap package. They're hugely popular with kids/teens for bedrooms, but are also great for just expanding your Alexa network into more rooms. It comes in a bunch of colour options, too.View Deal

Amazon Echo Show 5 | Save £30 | Now £49.99 at Amazon UK
The Echo Show 5 augments Alexa's voice control with a screen that can show you extra useful information beyond what the voice says. It can also show handy data without you asking, or act as a digital photo frame. It's great for playing videos too, and there's a built-in camera (with manual cover to block it if you want) for making video calls to other Echo Show devices. It comes in black or white.View Deal

Amazon Echo Plus (2nd-gen) | Save £75 | Now £64.99 at Amazon UK
The Echo Plus is a fantastic device, matching Alexa voice control with powerful Dolby speakers, plus a smart control hub built0in that works with Zigbee smart home devices including Philips Hue smart bulbs, smart plugs and more. It's a great way to start your View Deal

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