Best Amazon Prime Day Apple deals 2020: Apple deals to watch for this Prime Day

Amazon's best Prime Day deals on Apple's iPads, AirPods, and more, are on the way! Here's what to expect plus Apple deals you can save with today...

best amazon prime day apple deals 2020
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With Prime Day just around the corner, shoppers looking to score some sweet Amazon Prime Day Apple deals are in for a real treat. Set to be Amazon's biggest Prime Day sale ever, we're expecting some of the best Apple deals of the year to show up during Prime Day 2020.

The delay of Amazon Prime Day  hit many brands and retailers hard, as one of their biggest mid-year sales events was postponed. Now, with Prime Day slated for an October 13th start date, retailers will be taking full advantage of Amazon's biggest event to play a bit of catch up.

This means good things for shoppers and deal hunters, as many of Apple's best products will see some major price drops. If you've got a keen eye and the patience to hold out until Amazon Prime Day, you'll have your chance to jump on some of the best Apple deals you'll find this holiday shopping season.

To help you get the most out of Amazon Prime Day's Apple deals, we've put this guide together to bring the best Apple deals front and center. Bookmark this page and check back often! We'll be updating it regularly with today's best Apple deals as well as the best Amazon Prime Day Apple deals once the official day kicks off.

Early Amazon Prime Day Apple deals: best Apple Watch deals today

Apple's industry-leading Apple Watch will of course be on sale during Prime Day. Last year, we saw some of the best Apple Watch deals drop during Amazon's big day, and we expect this year to be no different.

Even the most recent iteration, the Apple Watch Series 6, should see some form of a discount as well. While it's current $400 price tag isn't too excessive, those hoping to grab Apple's latest model should hold out if they can. Even if it doesn't get a discount during Amazon Prime Day, it should receive a price drop around Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Of course, expect to see some killer deals on the Apple Watch Series 3 as well. You can already save quite a bit on one, with some models currently on sale for up to 15% off.

Best Apple Watch Series 6 Deal Today at Amazon
Apple Watch Series 6 40mm – GPS + Wi-Fi (Space Gray / Black)
Starting at: $499.99
Pick up one of Apple's latest smartwatches, the Apple Watch Series 6, today starting at just $484.99. You won't find these on sale just yet unfortunately, but expect to see some form of a price drop on the latest Apple watch when Prime Day hits.View Deal

Best Apple Watch Series 3 Deal Today at Amazon
Apple Watch Series 3 38mm – GPS (Space Gray / Black)
Was: $199 | Now: $169 | Savings: $30 (15%)
Right now, you can head over to Amazon and take advantage of this $30 off deal on the Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch. Loaded with everything you love from the Apple Watch, at 15% off this is one of the best Apple Watch Series 3 deals you'll find until Prime Day kicks off.View Deal

Early Amazon Prime Day Apple deals: best AirPods deals today

The wireless earbuds that took the world by storm, Apple's AirPods will of course see some incredible discounts during Prime Day. AirPod deals are always happening, and even now, you can save $30 at Amazon on Apple's AirPods Pro earbuds.

Amazon recently had an even better deal, though, on Apple's latest earbuds. Slashing the price by $50, Amazon dropped one of the best AirPods deals of the year just a few short weeks ago. If Prime Day 2020 goes as we expect regarding Apple products, don't be surprised to see the same $50 discount come the big day.

Apple's other AirPod models are also on sale right now as well, with the standard AirPods plus charging case model currently 20% off. Now just $159.99, this is an incredible deal on Apple AirPods and if you just can't wait, you should take advantage of this deal. We're not quite sure how large the discount will be come Prime Day, but if you can be patient you may see these at an even bigger discounted price.

Best AirPods Pro Deal Today at Amazon
Apple AirPods Pro True Wireless Earbuds w/ Charging Case
Was: $249 | Now: $219 | Savings: $30 (12%)
While not the biggest discount on AirPods Pro earbuds, it's definitely one of the best AirPods Pro deals you'll find until Prime Day gets rolling. Amazon took $50 off these just a few weeks ago, though, so we may see that same great discount during Prime Day.View Deal

Best AirPods Deal Today at Amazon
Apple AirPods True Wireless Earbuds w/ Charging Case
Was: $199 | Now: $159 | Savings: $40 (20%)
If you're desperately in need of a new pair of in-ear wireless earbuds, you can jump on this deal today with a clean conscience. At $40 off, it's one of the best prices you'll find on Apple's standard AirPods. Those who can hold out, though, should see a bigger price drop than this come Prime Day.View Deal

Early Amazon Prime Day Apple deals: best iPad deals today

Apple's iPad offers one of the most versatile and responsive tablet experiences to date, and this Prime Day you can expect some killer deals on iPad Pro, iPad Air, and standard iPad tablets. The most recent iPad Pro – which currently starts $799 – should see a great price drop this Prime Day as well.

While the standard Apple iPad is already at an incredibly affordable price of just $329, Prime Day 2020 should see that it comes down even further. For those who have checked out our Apple iPad review, you'll know that at this price it's already one of the best values you'll find. Expect that value to be even better come Amazon Prime Day.

You can already find a few deals on iPad Pros as well. With some iPad Pro models getting a 5% discount right now, you can save around $50 if you are so inclined to purchase one today. It'll benefit you, though, to hold until Amazon Prime Day to get the very best iPad Pro deal. That's when you'll see much larger price drops on Apple iPad Pros.

Best iPad Pro Deal Today at Amazon
Apple iPad Pro 11" 128GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular)
Starting at: $944
While not currently on sale, expect that all to change in the next couple of weeks. Prime Day brings some of best deals on iPad Pro tablets, and this year will be no exception. Keep an eye on this one, and expect a hefty discount!View Deal

Best iPad Deal Today at Amazon
Apple iPad 10.2" 128GB (Wi-Fi)
Was: $429 | Now: $395 | Savings: $34 (8%)
Definitely not the largest discount on Apple's iPad, but $35 off is nothing to scoff at when it comes to Apple. Bringing Apple's latest iPad just under the $400 range, you could save $34 today but it'd serve you well to hold until Prime Day kicks off.View Deal

Early Amazon Prime Day Apple deals: best Apple TV deals today

The world of 4K streaming is in bigger and better than ever, and Apple TV unlocks a ton of high quality content to enjoy right on your TV, no PC needed. With access to some of the most popular streaming services, including Disney+, YouTube, Hulu, Netfilx, and a whole lot more.

Expect both the Apple TV 4K and standard Apple TV HD to go on sale this Prime Day, at least 10%. Apple unfortunately can be fairly stingy with discounts on their products, but Prime Day tends to break that habit for them with some pretty sweet deals. You'll want to keep a close eye especially on the Apple TV 4K model (currently $179.99 for the 32GB model), as you'll want to go with the 4K version as soon as it's on sale.

You can currently grab the standard Apple TV for just $149, which is a fair price in and of itself, but we'd suggest springing the extra for the 4K model as soon as it's on sale. Chance are, the 4K model will see a decent discount and may even drop down to the standard models price!

Best Apple TV 4K Deal Today at Amazon
Apple TV 4K 32GB (Latest Model)
Starting at: $179
Ready for the 4K era, Apple TV 4K features Dolby Vision for stunning picture quality as well as Dolby Atmos for immersive sound. You'll have access to all of your favorite streaming services, including Disney+, Hulu, and Netflix, all with 4K capable content viewing.View Deal

Best Apple TV Deal Today at Amazon
Apple TV 32GB (4th Generation)
Starting at: $149
While you'll want to go with the 4K model once it goes on sale, if you're not quite ready to jump into 4K streaming the standard Apple TV is a perfect streaming device. Expect it to be pretty cheap come Prime Day!View Deal

Early Amazon Prime Day Apple deals: best MacBook deals today

Some of the best Prime Day deals will be around Apple's MacBook laptops this year, with discounts expect on some of the latest models. Discounts on Apple MacBooks can be tough to find, as Apple is pretty tight on price when it comes to the industry leading machine.

Even still, last year saw some discounts show up on MacBook latpops so even if they aren't huge price cuts keep an eye out. Usually, Apple will take anywhere from 5% to 10% off depending on the specific model, and in many cases more on older generation models.

To check out some of the best MacBook deals today, you can head over to Amazon's Apple store for the full selection. We'll be watching for any MacBook deals that drop, and will update this section with the latest and greatest as we find them.

Apple MacBook Air 13" 256GB SSD (Space Gray)
Was: $999 | Now: $849.99 | Savings: $149 (15%)
Don't miss out on what may be the best MacBook Air deal you'll find all year. Amazon is offering $150 off Apple's latest MacBook Air, bringing the price down to just $849 for the 256GB model. If you've been in the market for a new MacBook Air, here's your chance!
Specs: 10th Gen Intel i3 | 13.3" Retina Display | 8GB | 256GB SSDView Deal

Apple MacBook Air 13" 512GB SSD (Space Gray)
Was: $1,299 | Now: $1,149.99 | Savings: $149 (11%)
Upgrade to the 512GB SSD version of Apple's latest MacBook Air and get the same discount – $150 off – for a limited time. This model features a 10th Gen Intel i5 and increased storage capacity, with 8GB RAM and of course 13.3" Retina display.
Specs: 10th Gen Intel i5 | 13.3 Retina Display | 8GB | 512GB SSDView Deal

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Amazon Prime Day 2020 deal guides

We'll be covering the best Prime Day deals over the next two weeks, and Amazon has already kicked off some early Prime Day deals on TVs, Amazon devices, and a whole lot more. We'll be bringing you complete guides on how to find the best TV deals during Prime Day 2020 and just what to expect this year.

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