Roccat Burst Pro review: an ultra-light gaming mouse for pros and newbies

The Roccat Burst Pro might be your pathway to Esports stardom

Roccat Burst Pro review
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T3 Verdict

The Roccat Burst Pro is a great gaming mouse for new gamers looking to get into Esports and serious gamers not looking to pay 100+ on a mouse. Great features and customisations options off a deeply configurable gaming mouse, even if its lighting lets it down.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Translucent shell protects from debris

  • +

    Deep configuration software

  • +

    Comfortable with prolonged use

  • +

    Quality sensor & skates

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Lighting never feels quite right

  • -

    16K DPI might disappoint ultra-gamers

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Welcome to T3’s Roccat Burst Pro review. Roccat’s aiming at the Esports market with this ‘extreme lightweight’ optical gaming mouse. We think it belongs on our best gaming mouse guide in 2022 and here we’ll tell you why that is as best we can.

The super-customisable Roccat Burst Pro is looking to complete a great gaming rig. For one of those, you’ll need to make sure you have the best gaming keyboards, best gaming chairs, best gaming monitors and the best gaming headsets. Why settle for less?

The Burst Pro comes in both white and black, I’ve got a hold of a black one for this review and my quick take is this; it’s a great gaming mouse that incorporates some of the more serious hardware you might not find on other ultra-light gaming mice, alongside pro-quality customisation options. I have quibbles with the lighting, but nothing that would stop me from using it for the long hall.

Roccat Burst Pro Review: Design and Setup

Roccat Burst Pro

(Image credit: Future)

When I first took the Roccat Burst Pro out of the box, I wondered if there had been a mistake. It looks like a pretty standard solid plastic mouse. Which is, not how the other ultra-light gaming mice do it. Then I plugged it in and it all came to life.

The honeycomb shell you’ll find in most ultra-light mice is there, only here it’s covered by translucent plastic. This, I think, is a good idea. I eat at my desk, whether I’m working or playing and I’m always paranoid about honeycombed mice because of it. This solves that problem.

It weighs 68 grams(2.4oz), so it’s maybe a little heavier than some ultra-light gaming mice, but I didn’t notice it in use. It’s still incredibly light compared to a standard mouse. The Burst Pro doesn’t come with stick-on grips, but there’s a shiny embossed honeycomb motif on either side that I found to hold my hand position well without slipping.

It measures 120 x 58 x 38.7mm (LxHxW), which actually puts it closer to something like a normal computer mouse. I actually found that height to make it quite comfortable. And lastly on the aesthetics, the lights. It’s hard to know what to say here as everything is adjustable, but on this black mouse I feel like the light through the shell is always a bit muddy.

You’ve got a pretty standard 6-button setup here with two side buttons, a DPI switch and wheel alongside your main buttons. It connects to your computer using a standard USB on a Phantom Flex braided Cable. I’ll also give a shoutout to the heat-treated PTFE skates which are virtually frictionless.

Setup is as simple as plugging in the mouse. You can then download Roccat Swarm for further customisation and configuration.

Roccat Burst Pro Review: Performance and Features

Roccat Burst Pro

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Swarm is deep and has Burst Pro specific updates, it wants to be useful to Pro gamers clearly. You can tweak virtually every part of the Burst Pro experience. Illumination is the first thing I used it for. Despite coming through the case quite muted, I found the wheel itself to be far too bright for me on standard settings.

This is the one element of customisation I’d like, turning down the brightness applies across the whole mouse. So, turning the too-bright wheel down meant further dulling what comes through the case. I never really found a good balance throughout my time with the Burst Pro.

Outside of that, Swarm will let you tweak everything this mouse does. From button assignments to your scroll, tilt, click and pointer speed to more advanced settings like poll rate an angle snapping; you should be able to set up your Burst Pro however you like it.

The PMW 3389 sensor is decent for a mouse in the bracket. You’ll only be able to rig your mouse up to 16000 DPI (dots per linear inch), which might not appeal to some pros who like the absurdly high 20/30K available in the more expensive gaming mice. I’m not a pro gamer, but I do play a lot and I never feel the need to crank it up as high as 16000.

I found using this mouse in long hall sessions, that incorporate both my workday and my gaming evenings to be really satisfying. The lighting issues I have, do not actually affect the use of the mouse. It’s taller profile, embossed sides and virgin skates make it a very comfortable and responsive experience.

Roccat Burst Pro Review: Price and Verdict

Roccat Burst Pro

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The Roccat Burst Pro is a mid-range gaming mouse, sitting at around £49.99/$59.99 – though our widgets will tell you more. Obviously, if you’re new to gaming mice that might feel expensive but it’s about right for what you get here.

I’d say because of certain extras in design, like the sensor and its quality skates alongside more personal preferences like a shell that won’t hoard debris, the Roccat Burst Pro is among the best in its range.

If I was recommending it – I’d say it’s for a person with a little more Esports ambition than me. It’s a brilliant, not too expensive place to start for people who want to take gaming seriously. If you’re already a serious gamer, then your budget will define whether you should pick this up or go for something in the $100+ aisle.  

Geraint Evans