The JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill is a remote working essential for email addicts (like me)

Slide it under a stand-up desk, and the JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill will see you achieve 10,000 steps a day without ignoring your emails

JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill review
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T3 Verdict

The JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill does what it says on the box; it provides a very decent walking experience all year round. Perfect for remote and hybrid working, as it can be used as an under-desk treadmill, making it easy to hit your 10,000 steps while being available to reply to emails and attend meetings.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Space-saver design

  • +

    No need to fold it away as it's flat as is

  • +

    Plenty fast enough for any walking activities

  • +

    Remote controlled

  • +

    Large LED display

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not the quietest machine (although not loud per se)

  • -

    Kind of basic device (for better or worse)

  • -

    There are cheaper options available

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Was I looking forward to writing this JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill review? Not particularly, as even though I like walking, I often do it outside, not on a rotating belt in my spare bedroom. But as it happens, after completing the London Marathon, my legs got absolutely busted, and I needed to find a way to help my legs recover at home, and the JTX MoveLight provided a low-impact exercise option while also tending to my emails. Perfect.

The best under-desk treadmills have been gaining momentum since the early days of the pandemic/lockdown when people realised you could get fit indoors without killing your legs on a full-size treadmill. Not to mention even the best folding treadmills (and definitely the best treadmills) are bulky enough to be awkward to store, unlike under-desk treadmills that take up very little space (and are also less intimidating in general).

The JTX MoveLight is also one of the best cheap treadmills; and the price is of utmost importance to people in these cost-of-living crises times. Should you get one, though? Is a walking treadmill a good investment in your health? And of all the under-desk treadmills, is the JTX MoveLight the best option? Let's find out.

JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill review – Price and availability

The JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill was launched in September 2022 and is available to buy now directly from JTX Fitness for an RRP of £599. At the time of writing, the treadmill was sold for £399. For the latest prices, check the price widgets at the top or bottom of this review, or visit JTX Fitness today.

JTX Fitness currently only ships to mainland UK addresses, so US/AU people will have to look for alternative walking treadmills. Check out our best under-desk treadmill guide for more options.

JTX Fitness offers a slew of treadmills, with the cheapest being the MoveLight Walking Treadmill. The most expensive model is the JTX Club-Pro Professional treadmill (retailer link), that'll set you back over £2,000. T3 have many JTX exercise machine reviews, such as the entry-level treadmill JTX Sprint-3 review, the mid-range treadmill JTX Sprint 5 review and the made-to-torture-you JTX Mission Air Bike review

JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill review

I/O button located on the side of the treadmill

(Image credit: Matt Kollat/T3)

JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill review – Setup and assembly

It's as easy as it gets to set up the JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill, as it comes pre-assembled and is ready to go straight out of the box. JTX says their fitness equipment (up to 70kg) can be delivered to the "customer's room of choice", and anything above this weight can be carried to their ground floor room of choice. For reference, the box the treadmill comes in weighs 35.5kg (78 Lb). 

Once you manage to get the parcel in the room where the treadmill will be located, you essentially tip it out of the box – carefully, of course – plug it in, and it's ready to use. No setup is required; just pop the batteries in the remote, switch the machine on with the I/O button, and you can start walking.

JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill review

The belt is clearly visible on the underside of the treadmill (transport wheels can be seen on the right side of the machine)

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JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill review – Design and build quality

It's like the JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill was meant to be used under a standing desk. It has no handrails, only a belt stretched around the motor unit, so it can fit under the desk or the sofa/bed when not in use (floor-to-deck height is only 12.9cm/5.1"). The unit is fairly compact, especially considering how massive full-size treadmills can get: the JTX Fitness MoveLight measures 25" x 21" x 5.1" (L x W x H).

Despite the modest dimensions, it has a reasonably large running surface (48" x 17.7"), which is more than long and wide enough to accommodate even taller users. I'm 6'1, and I never struggled to keep my strides on the belt, no matter how fast the treadmill was going. The only downside is the maximum user weight, which is limited to 200 Lb (100 kg). Admittedly, it's still generous, but heavier users might have to get a sturdier treadmill for walking.

JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill review

The remote provides an easy way to operate the treadmill

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JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill review – Features

The JTX MoveLight is a super-simple walking treadmill. It's not featureless, but if you're a running machine that can produce high inclines and has a mega-powerful motor, look elsewhere. This 1 HP motor is capable of turning the belt at a blistering speed of 3.7 mph (6kph), which is more than fast enough for walking.

The 8-piece elastic cushion deck is comfortable enough to walk on, even if you walk around in socks. Putting in walking shoes or running shoes can help soften those landings even more. Or you can meet in the middle and use cushioned running socks, which by no means replace running shoes, but they provide some extra cushioning. 

To keep you motivated, the large LED screen displays time, distance, calories, speed, and step count as you walk, although if you use the JTX MoveLight as an under-desk treadmill, these stats might be hidden from you, given the display is at the front of the treadmill. You can use a fitness tracker or a running watch to keep track of all those stats if you're keen on logging your workouts.

JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill review

It's not hard to achieve your step goals indoors with the JTX MoveLight

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JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill review – Workout performance

I'm a firm believer that for comparatively unfit people, walking workouts are the best way to get in shape and lose weight. And admittedly, walking indoors can provide a more consistent workout experience than adhering to the weather outside. What I appreciated the most about the JTX MoveLight walking treadmill was that it offered a no-frill workout experience.

As I mentioned above, I needed a low-impact way to keep my legs moving after the London Marathon – here are some things I learned from my London Marathon debut – and the JTX MoveLight was just the right equipment for that sort of thing. I could just step on it, grab the remote, turn it on, and walk my leg pain away. It doesn't get much simpler than that!

As counterintuitive as this sounds, the lack of features and workout modes also made the treadmill an ideal recovery tool. I didn't feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the many features of the MoveLight, so I never felt unmotivated to use it, if this makes sense. Adherence is the most significant hurdle people have to come over when trying to improve their health; having a non-imposing fitness machine in your home gym equipment arsenal can help you overcome the lack of initial period when motivation levels are low.

JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill review

Out of sight, out of mind

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JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill review – Verdict

The JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill is highly recommended for people who prefer to move around at home but haven't got the fitness/motivation/money to use a full-size treadmill. The MoveLight provides just enough features and power for a walking treadmill, and it's more accessibly-priced than even the best cheap treadmills

Sadly, it's only available in the UK and by no means fast enough to help you significantly improve cardio fitness – you'll need a 'proper' treadmill for that. However, if health maintenance, low-impact exercise and keeping fit indoors are your main goals, you'll be happy with the JTX MoveLight.

JTX MoveLight Walking Treadmill review – Also consider

The Urevo Foldi 1 Folding Treadmill is slightly cheaper than the JTX MoveLight (when available) and provides an excellent home workout for people who want to walk or jog at home. Because the running deck is a bit short, this treadmill is best suited to people under 6ft.

Another option might be the JTX SlimLine folding treadmill (retailer link), which is similar to the Urevo treadmill above. It has a 1.75hp motor capable of producing speeds up to 10 mph (16kph). It also has more workout modes (40), so it might be a better option for those who want to progress their cardio efforts at home.

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