I ran on the JTX SPRINT-3 compact folding treadmill and it's an excellent option for petite runners on a budget

The JTX Sprint-3 is an ideal workout companion for those who want a no-frills solid treadmill for a quality workout

JTX Sprint-3 review
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The JTX Sprint 3 might carry a cheap price tag, but it’s far from basic – this comfortable-to-use folding treadmill provides a quality workout every time. There are no fancy extras like Bluetooth connectivity, but it does come with a tablet/phone holder allowing users to prop up their device of choice to aid a run. Unless you're a tall runner, you'll be happy with the JTX Sprint 3.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Compact yet well-built

  • +

    Comes with 40 built-in workouts

  • +

    Heavy duty for a comfortable run

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Short deck unsuitable for taller runners

  • -

    Top speed is just 16km

  • -

    Lacks Bluetooth or app connectivity

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In this JTX Sprint-3 review, I'll explain why I had to take the doors off the hinges to fit this otherwise compact treadmill through the doors, how it felt to run in this compact treadmill, and whether you should buy one or not if you're a tall runner. 

In case you're unfamiliar, JTX Fitness is a UK-based sports equipment manufacturer famous for its affordable treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines and more. The Sprint 3 is the smallest model in the Sprint treadmill range and, therefore, one of the most accessible ones. It's not only dainty, but it also folds, taking up even less space when not in use.

Is the JTX Sprint 3 a decent folding treadmill, or should you save up a bit more money and invest in a larger model? Has it got anything to offer – apart from the low asking price – that distinguishes this treadmill from its competition? Let's find out!

JTX Sprint-3 review – Price and availability

At the time of writing, the JTX Sprint 3 treadmill retailed at a discounted price of £599 and is available to purchase from JTX Fitness. For the latest prices, check out the widgets at the top or bottom of this review, or visit JTX Fitness today.

JTX Fitness offers free standard delivery throughout most of the UK on all fitness equipment. This is a 48-hour, nominated day delivery service from Monday through Saturday. Express delivery is also available at a cost of £20.

All large JTX fitness equipment is delivered by two people. For fitness equipment between 31.5-70 kg, ArrowXL will carry your machine into the room of your choice. If it weighs more than 70 kg, they will carry it into a ground floor room of your choice.

JTX Fitness currently doesn't deliver outside the UK.

JTX Sprint-3 review – Setup and connectivity

The treadmill was delivered to me ready assembled, so I didn't have the tedious task of having to follow instructions to put it together. That said, while I managed to get the treadmill through my front door, I couldn't take it through an internal door and into my gym. The door had to be taken off its hinges to do so. But that was nothing compared to if I had to put the whole machine together myself. 

Once the treadmill was in its new home, I was able to store it with the running track in a foldable position which meant it didn't take up too much space when not in use. The deck clicks into place, and the length is reduced to around a third when folded. Unfolding it was simple enough with the support strut and the soft-drop mechanism allowing the heavy deck to lower itself, ready to be used. 

As the Sprint 3 is a basic model, it doesn't come with Bluetooth or is pairable with any fitness apps, but you can either use your device – the Zwift RunPod and the Garmin HRM-PRO PLUS come to mind – to run along to your chosen apps or take advantage of the 40 preset 30-minute workouts. They range from relatively easy to incredibly tough, using varying speeds and incline throughout the programs. There is also an option to manage your workouts manually, allowing you to choose the speed and incline for a more personalised session.

The speakers and a 3.5mm input will allow runners to hear the workouts clearly without using a headset. If you are a runner who likes to monitor your progress, the heart rate sensor with a detector built into the handles will do that for you without needing a tracker watch or a chest belt.

JTX Sprint-3 review – Features

The cheapest of the Sprint range, the Sprint 3 is the smallest, measuring up at 162 cm(l) x 74 cm (w) x 150 cm (h). But it's still on par with similarly priced competitors such as the Reebok ZR8, which has a smaller running track in comparison. You can save space when not in use by folding the deck, which shrinks to a third of its length to 105 cm. This makes the machine ideal cardio equipment for those lacking space in their homes. 

For most, the running deck's size of 129 cm (l) x 46 cm (w) will not be an issue. But if you're a taller or faster runner, the length of the track may pose a problem. It's not as generous as the higher spec models JTX Sprint 5 or the Sprint 7.  

This is hands down a well-built treadmill, and the reinforced steel frame gives the machine a robust look and feel. The 8-point cushioned suspension helps protect any impact on the joints and makes for a comfortable run or incline walk. Undoubtedly, the cushioned deck provided adequate support during my running and incline walking sessions. 

JTX Sprint 3 review

(Image credit: Sabi Phagura)

Powered by an impressive 2HP motor and with a top speed of 16 kph (10 mph), the JTX Sprint 3 may not be the fastest treadmill on the market, but the motor power copes rather well with the demands placed upon it. The motorised incline of up to 12 % allows runners to set themselves a challenging workout. The maximum weight limit of 120kg will be ample for most runners. But those requiring a higher user weight may want to consider the other two models in the JTX Sprint range.  

While the Sprint 3 lacks Bluetooth connectivity, it doesn't mean you can't have a decent workout via a program. The machine comes with 40 pre-set programs to choose from, and, of course, there's also the option of tapping in a personal workout manually. The five-inch LCD screen is clear and legible and displays the key information a runner needs, including speed, distance, incline, heart rate, the time elapsed and time remaining, as well as calories burned.

Distance is only measured in kilometres, mind, with no option to switch to miles which is frustrating for those like me who prefer using miles. A virtual track in the middle of the display shows a progress bar that runs in an oval shape and completes every 400m as if you were running around a real track. And like all good treadmills, the JTX Sprint 3 comes with a safety key, designed to shut down the treadmill in case of a trip or fall.

JTX Sprint-3 review – Workout performance

When it came to running on the treadmill, I felt comfortable from the moment I stepped on it. The reinforced solid frame and the eight-point suspension to protect my joints immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. The brand's CushionStep technology is touted to reduce the impact on joints by up to 30 per cent.

The width of the running deck may be smaller than the other JTX Sprint ranges, but for me, this was adequate. I have always been steady on my feet during a run (it must be the yoga I do), so I felt both comfortable and reassured. But those looking for a wider running deck may want to consider the Sprint 7, which is 21cm wider at 51cm. 

Again, like the width, I was equally happy with the length of the track. At 5ft 8 in, I'm fairly tall with an average stride. But taller or faster runners may find it inadequate. Having said that, the length of this type of treadmill is still comparatively generous to similar models. But if you're in the market for jogging or incline walking, you'll find no issues with the length. 

JTX Sprint 3 review

(Image credit: Sabi Phagura)

The powered incline can be changed manually through the keys on the main control or the quick select keys on the treadmill arms. It can also be set automatically via the pre-set programs. I found the incline and decline to be super smooth when in motion which was a key feature for me as I tend to tamper with the buttons on most of my workouts for a HIIT session. The Sprint 3 is a quiet model with minimum output noise, which is very much welcome when you're trying to focus on a program or listen to your chosen music. 

It was nice to have the built-in heart rate monitors on the Sprint 3, but I noticed a slight delay in my heart rate going up and the figures reflecting this on the LCD screen. Runners wanting an accurate reading are better off with a heart rate chest belt or a tracking watch. And if you're working up a sweat, there is an in-built fan to cool you down. It's not the most powerful but will provide some comfort for runners who prefer to have a fan while working out.  

The workout programs ranged from easy to tough and kept me focused for a couple of weeks I tested the Sprint 3. It was nice to add variety to my sessions through these workouts on days when I just wanted to press the button and 'go'.

JTX Sprint 3 review – Verdict

For an entry-level model, the JTX Sprint 3 is a cracking machine which is both robust and affordable. It is suitable for most people and will provide an excellent cardio workout for those looking to get or stay fit from the comfort of their homes. The folding deck means you don’t have to sacrifice much space, and it can be easily stored away in a cupboard. 

It may not have the luxurious Bluetooth connectivity, but this is not too much of an issue with the built-in speakers and a dedicated place to pop your device for an enjoyable heart-pumping workout. This is a high-quality machine that is built to last and has the bonus of a two-year warranty. There really is not much not to like with this treadmill as it’s functional and does exactly what it is meant to do. It will offer most runners a solid experience for a quality workout every single time.

JTX Sprint 3 review – Also consider

There’s a plethora of folding treadmills out there for all budgets, but if you’re specifically looking for a treadmill on the lower price scale, you may want to consider the Viavito Lunarun Fold Flat Treadmill. It’s compact, features 16 programmes and a top speed of 16kmph. This machine will help push you a little harder with a bit more speed. 

But if money isn’t too much of an issue, you may want to invest in JTX’s Sprint 5. This machine will offer you more space on the deck and comes with Bluetooth connectivity to hook up external apps and Polar HR belts. It has a top speed of 18kmp, so it's worth shelling a few extra hundred pounds on it if you’re seeking to up the ante on your workouts.  

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