Viavito LunaRun Fold Flat Treadmill review: a full-featured cheap treadmill perfectly suited smaller living spaces

The Viavito LunaRun treadmill is sturdy with a slender frame and has the added advantage of a broader and longer running space compared to its competitors

Viavito LunaRun Fold Flat Treadmill in front of a white background
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The Viavito LunaRun Fold Flat Treadmill is a fold-flat machine with a power incline and has a slightly wider and longer deck than the standard small running machines. It’s great for runners with limited storage space and ideal for those who are not comfortable setting up a treadmill on their own. At 49 kg, it’s pretty easy to move around too.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Super compact

  • +

    Folds flat for easy storage

  • +

    Decent sized running deck

  • +

    Boasts a speed of 0.8 to 16kph

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Low max user weight (90kg)

  • -

    Cup holders are shallow

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In this Viavito LunaRun Fold Flat Treadmill review, we'll look at how well this cheap treadmill is constructed (it's excellent), its connectivity to third-party tech (it's okay) and how it performs under testing (pretty decent).

If you've not heard of Viavito, it's because the company is still in its infancy in the sports and fitness world. Having said that, the people behind the brand are experienced in sourcing top products from around the globe and offering them at competitive prices (i.e. cheap).

Its latest cheap treadmill, the Viavito LunaRun Fold Flat Treadmill, is compact, lightweight, simple to use and designed with much more compact dimensions, meaning that once it's folded, it can fit in positions such as under a bed where you never thought you could get a foldable treadmill.

Better still, while most treadmills have a deck size of 40 cm by 120 cm, the deck on this reasonably priced running machine comes in at is 42 cm by 125 cm, which is big enough to make a difference to your run. The cushioned deck further gives added support upon impact, while the electronically controlled incline helps target a multitude of muscles compared to running on a flat surface. 

Most people that want a compact treadmill wish to use it for general fitness and/ or weight loss. But running at an incline, which this machine has, will help burn far more calories than the same speed on flat.

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Viavito Lunarun Fold Flat Treadmill Review: price and availability

The Viavito LunaRun Fold Flat Treadmill is now available to purchase (currently in the UK) for a recommended retail price of £599 from

Viavito LunaRun Fold Flat Treadmill in front of a white background

(Image credit: Viavito)

Viavito Lunarun Fold Flat Treadmill Review: setup

If you dread putting any fitness equipment together, you’ll be pleased to learn assembling the LunaRun is a doddle. It takes very little time to put the machine together because as soon as you open the box it’s pretty much ready to go. The treadmill is 90 per cent pre-assembled. It also has built-in transportation wheels making the 49 kg machine easier to shift from one place to another depending on your needs.  

The LunaRun’s super compact design means it can be stored both horizontally under a bed as well as vertically against a wall or in a cupboard. The folded footprint is 26 cm x 76 cm (10.2” x 29.9”). Most people don’t have a dedicated fitness room and It’s apparent from the onset that the target market for the LunaRun is for those with limited storage.

This fold-flat treadmill with power incline is still wider and longer than the average foldaway treadmill making it a sturdier machine to use. The advanced cushioning technology helps with increased shock absorption at the front for your landings and extra firmness at the back for a better launch. The deck platform thickness at 15mm is kinder on the joints too whether you choose to walk jog or run on it.

Close-up shot of the Viavito LunaRun Fold Flat Treadmill's console

(Image credit: Viavito)

Viavito Lunarun Fold Flat Treadmill Review: connectivity

This foldable running machine is equipped with a blue back-fit five-inch LCD at the centre that is super easy to read and is intuitive. The console comes with speakers and has an mp3 audio input for users to play their favourite music to help motivate them. To help personalise workouts, the gender, age, weight, height of two separate users can be tapped in. In addition, the units of distance can be displayed in kilometres or miles per hour so you can choose the unit of measurement you like best. 

The Viavito LunaRun treadmill gives you the options you need to train your way by offering an integrated tablet holder. This tidy little compact running machine allows you to surf the net, watch movies and use your favourite apps to kickstart your workout routine and achieve better results. 

If you’re a runner who likes to work out with the aid of a programme, you’ll be pleased to learn there are 19 different pre-set programmes available with their profiles printed on the actual console. On closer scrutiny, I discovered that the built-in programmes are based on four training recommendations namely power walk, speed intervals, fat-busting and fartlek. In addition, here are three user-defined programmes for flexibility as well as three target programmes.  

Operating the running machine couldn't be simpler. Once powered up with the safety key inserted, you can control your run with the single push of a button thanks to the one-touch speed and incline keys. Those who wish to monitor their heart rate can use the pulse grip sensors on the handlebars. All you need to do is place your hands on them and within five seconds be able to read the pulse data on the LCD screen.

The Viavito LunaRun Fold Flat Treadmill completely folded

(Image credit: Viavito)

Viavito Lunarun Fold Flat Treadmill Review: performance

The speed of the LunaRun ranges from 0.8mph to 16kph which will have most runners challenged and on their toes, – literally. You can operate the machine with the Quick Speed and incline keys on the console as well as the handlebar speed and incline controls. The motor (1.25 HP DC continuous duty) at the heart of this treadmill is powerful as most 2 HP motors.  

What I particularly liked about this treadmill from the very moment I stepped on it was the deck size. The standard deck size for an entry-level foldaway treadmill is often 40cm by 120cm. But the LunaRun comes in larger at 42cm by 125cm. It may not sound much, but the additional space makes all the difference between a cramped running area and a generous one. Besides, I have very long legs and a longer stride and this made running on the machine comfortable.

Viavito LunaRun Fold Flat Treadmill in front of a white background

(Image credit: Viavito)

My feet felt suitably cushioned on the deck. This was in part down to the advanced cushioning technology delivering increased shock absorption at the front for my landings and extra firmness at the back for a better launch. 

The LunaRun claims to feature a true 10% electronically controlled motorised incline to help you effectively work your calves, hamstrings and glutes and maximize your cardio workout. So, it was time to put this to the test. I used the shortcut key to set it to six and later the adjustment key taking it to the maximum level of 10. The deck was impressive the way it climbed and I’m pleased to report the LunaRun is true to its word and delivers a realistic 10 per cent incline. The best thing is that runners can enjoy the benefits of outdoor running by burning more calories on this machine yet still have healthier knees.  

But if you weigh more than 90kg and want to lose weight, this machine is not for you. The max user weight is set at 90kg. I can only speculate that if the brand wanted to increase the maximum user weight, it would have had to make the machine itself heavier to withstand more kilos. 

Viavito LunaRun Fold Flat Treadmill in front of a white background

(Image credit: Viavito)

Viavito Lunarun Fold Flat Treadmill Review: verdict

The Viavito LunaRun treadmill is a great contender among its equals when it comes to existing foldaway models on the market. It has a great surface area to run on, is easy to operate, and is a real space saver. It has features that allow you to get the most from your workouts as well as pre-built HIIT programmes to encourage and motivate you.  

It is designed with attention to detail for consumer satisfaction including the running belt which is grey rather than the standard black. This is a clever little touch to combat the annoying footprints that get left behind on the deck by trainers. Meanwhile, the two-year parts and labour warranty is a real bonus.

Viavito Lunarun Fold Flat Treadmill Review: also consider

Decathlon’s Domyos Comfort Treadmill T520B is an even cheaper Viavito treadmill alternative that doesn't quite fold up as neatly but could be the perfect solution for those looking to run indoors on a super-tight budget. For a treadmill under £500, it offers inclines up to 10%, speeds of up to 8mph (13kmph) and 10 pre-set programmes; not bad!

The slightly advanced runner who is serious about their fitness goals may want to consider the JTX Sprint 5 treadmill. This is a good-performing all-around folding treadmill, which is ideal for runners training for long endurance races over the winter months. The auto-incline feature when hooked up to Kinomap is useful. When folded, unlike the LunaRun it’s not the smallest, but it still takes up less space than many of the foldable treadmills out there.

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