HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask review: this skin boosting LED mask delivers incredible results in double quick time

Yes, you’ll look like a Smurf, but this LED face mask might be your best beauty investment ever

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HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask review
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The HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask is a highly wearable and portable LED face mask that delivers impressive skin rejuvenating benefits on the move. With its superb three-part head strap and choice of 10 or 20 minute treatments, it’ll fit easily into your lifestyle whether you’re relaxing, doing chores, or getting into Downward Dog. Clever stuff.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Red and near-infrared wavelengths stimulate collagen

  • +

    Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and redness

  • +

    Extremely comfortable and wearable on the move

  • +

    Three-part head strap keeps it firmly in place

  • +

    Choose between 10 or 20 minute treatments

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    It's expensive

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The best LED face masks might not be cheap, but boy do they get results. I’ve been fortunate enough to test out several LED masks in recent years to check if this beauty tech really is worth the hype, and I can promise you, they’re absolutely worth the investment, especially for those of us with serious skincare concerns.

While the Omnilux Clear LED Face Mask helped me to banish my adult acne for good and reduce years’ worth of acne scarring, the CurrentBody LED Face Mask allowed me to fight the signs of ageing by diminishing my fine lines and plumping up my slowly sagging skin.

If I’m honest, I thought it couldn’t get any better than that. After all, a clearer, firmer complexion is what everybody wants, right? But I’m here to say you can get even better anti-ageing results with the help of the new HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask. Read on to find out why.


The HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask is available for a recommend retail price of £299 / $349 from HigherDOSE UK / HigherDOSE US.

HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask review

(Image credit: Joanna Ebsworth / T3)


So, what is it that makes the HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask stand out from a sea of other LED masks on the market? Well, for starters, it’s bright blue. Which means you’ll probably get told you look like a Smurf when you wear it. But then I’d say that’s preferable to being told you look like Jason Vorhees wearing a hockey mask in Friday the 13th. And that’s a winner in my book. 

The sleek and sturdy packaging houses the LED face mask with built-in charging cable and detachable head straps, a controller to turn the mask on and off and set the length of treatment, a power supply plug with four country specific power adapters, a carry bag, and a pair of goggles.

The outer case of the mask is made from highly flexible medical-grade silicone, and the cut outs for the eyes, mouth and nose are almost identical in placement to those on the CurrentBody LED mask. But there are some subtle design differences that make a big impact, those being the shape of the mask and the head strap.

The HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask is rectangular in shape rather than oval, and this design choice provides excess space at the corners for the holes where you need to thread the two side head straps through. Additionally, the mask extends at the top in the centre to accommodate a third head strap that goes over the top of your head for extra security.

While I thought this three-strap combo looked unnecessarily elaborate at first – and a little like a jock strap – the design is clearly well thought out. All three highly adjustable straps are wide and generously cut from a soft, flexible foam that’s comfortable to wear, and they won’t agitate or tangle your hair if you’re lying down or moving around.

Even better, the large, circular Velcro tabs on the ends of the straps effectively keep the mask in place. And because there’s lots of material surrounding the Velcro, you’re unlikely to get your hair caught up in the Velcro when fixing the mask in place. 

This might all sound small fry, but together, it all adds up to a mask that is truly portable and wearable on the go. Heck, you could wear it doing yoga and it wouldn’t budge (not surprising, really, considering it’s specifically designed to be worn while moving).

In short, it provides a perfect fit, which means it’s very comfortable to wear, and less LED light can escape from the sides of the mask to make it work more effectively.


The HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask promises to work below the skin’s surface to create a complexion that is visibly glowing and noticeably healthier looking, while also helping to boost your mood and even combat the damage caused by blue light. 

In terms of tech specs, it features 66 dual-core LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs which add up to 132 LEDs emitting 630nm of red wavelengths that help accelerate the production of new collagen in the skin’s dermis and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, calm redness, and create a more even skin tone. Additionally, 830nm of near-infrared wavelengths work more deeply in the skin’s hypodermis to boost blood circulation and bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells. 

So far, so standard. But there’s nothing standard about the fact that you can use the HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask for up to 20 minutes at a time. The single button on the controller lets you to select either a 10 minute or 20 minute light therapy session, and the mask automatically switches off once the treatment is complete so you can nod off without fear of adverse effects.

Of course, if you’re a newbie to LED face masks in general, HigherDOSE advise that you gradually build up to using it for 20 minutes straight. But the fact that we’re encouraged to use it for 20 minutes for the best results makes me feel confident in its safety and efficacy, as opposed to other mask manufacturers who say there are no proven benefits to using it for longer than the prescribed 10 minutes (and sometimes advise against it).

HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask review

(Image credit: Joanna Ebsworth / T3)


Quite simply, I was blown away by the immediate and long-term results I got from using the HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask. After my very first 20-minute treatment, my face was noticeably plumper, fine lines were less noticeable, and my skin had a lovely healthy glow.

Thereafter, I continued to use it four to five times a week for 20 minutes over a period of two months, and I have to say the effects were addictive. My skin now looks more youthful and feels firmer and fuller. Happily, my redness has also reduced dramatically which was an unexpected bonus, but a very welcome one.

I love using the mask before a night out or big occasion for the immediate skin-boosting benefits it gives me – it seems to re-energise my complexion, give me a radiant glow, and provide me with a better base for applying make-up, especially when used in conjunction with a serum – and I also really like to use this warming mask while relaxing or meditating (I don’t know whether it’s psychological or scientific, but I do feel that LED light helps to boost my mood).

I can’t say for sure why the HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask works so well for me compared to other masks. Maybe it’s the amazing fit, or the placement of the LED bulbs which seem slightly closer together compared to some other masks. Or maybe it’s just that you can use it for 20 minutes. Either way, I’m sold.

HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask review

(Image credit: Joanna Ebsworth / T3)


The HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask provides a non-invasive alternative to younger-looking skin from the very first treatment. Using a powerful combination of red and near-infrared wavelengths, it effectively helps to boost collagen and elastin production, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, reduce redness, and give your skin a healthy glow – even on the go.

Designed to fit into an active lifestyle, the three-part head strap keeps the mask firmly in place whatever you’re doing while remaining incredibly comfortable to wear and preventing LED light from escaping to increase efficacy. Moreover, you can use it for up to 20 minutes at a time for better results, faster. Highly recommended.

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