ZScape brings 3D Maps without the need for glasses

Holographic prints spell the end for the printed map

Old school tech brought bang up to date

We'll keep this brief, as the video below does all the talking needed. What we have here is a new technology from Zebra Imaging, which allows for 3D maps and models to be 'printed' as a colour hologram on a backlit display. ZScape, as it's called, is acheived by layering thousands of holographic images onto a single bit of slate with the use of laser precision, and the end result is an ever-changing image that the naked eye registers as one 3D whole.

The maps are currently being used for military purposes, but if you want a 3D view of your own street, a 2 x 3 foot model will set you back $3500 (£2200). Enough talk, watch the video below to be amazed…

Link: Via Engadget