Zack Snyder classic could be remade as new series – 17 years after movie's release

300 could return in a new format

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Warner Bros and HBO are reportedly considering a pretty major team-up to revive one of the best and most quotable movies of the 2000s. You probably guessed it from the lead image, but yes, 300 could be coming back!

The 2007 Zack Snyder movie has a heap of unbelievably memorable lines, many of them lifted directly from its graphic novel source material. It's a toss-up whether you think "This. Is. Sparta!" or "Tonight, we dine in hell!" is more famous, but there's no doubt they're both up there. 

Now the word is that HBO and Warner Bros are thinking of creating a series, rather than a new 300 movie – perhaps influenced by the middling success of 2014's 300: Rise of an Empire. This would likely land on Max, which would love to position itself as one of the best streaming services out there rather than the slightly niche option it remains for now. 

At this stage, reports indicate that things are very, very early, so there's a lot of potential change to happen. Besides, no one is absolutely sure whether it'll be a reboot, retelling or continuation of the story from the first movie. 

What seems more sure, though, is that the showrunners (whoever they end up being) would be likely to tap up some of the original film's stars, from Gerard Butler and Lena Headey to Michael Fassbender and David Wenham. 

That does leave the slightly curious question of how some of those characters could appear again given their bloody deaths in a movie that famously doesn't leave many survivors from its Spartan ranks.

One possible rumoured explanation is that the series will be a prequel, showing the Persian Empire's initial invasion of Greece, which came over a decade before the climactic showdown at Thermopylae that 300 depicted in mythic style. 

This is one of those exciting rumours that comes with the major caveat that it might simply never see the light of day, but the fact that any hint of it has leaked could suggest that at least someone involved is very keen for it to get over the line with some public support. 

It'd be interesting to see whether Zack Snyder would be involved, too, as 300 is one of five films that have managed to register "Fresh" scores on Rotten Tomatoes – it's got an 89% audience rating too, which is solid. 

With Snyder in the director's chair, perhaps a return some 17 years on from the original movie would make some sense. We'll likely have to wait a good long while yet to find out, though. 

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