Your Peloton Bike gets a great free upgrade that can improve every ride

A new feature starts to appear on Peloton Bikes and Tread that helps you customise your workouts

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Peloton has started to roll out a feature that allows you to adjust the audio mix between an instructor's voice and the background music in a more precise way than before.

It is being publicly tested on Peloton Bike and Tread machines right now, with a full release hopefully to follow.

Peloton hasn't been shy on releasing new features for its smart fitness gear in the past, and now there seems to be a new one arriving on its exercise bikes.

Some users have reported that they've received an update on their Peloton Bike+, Bike and Tread machines that enables them to customise the music mix during classes.

Previously, users had three options for audio during a class – they could choose to favour the music, the instructor or, as default, a mix of them both.

However, with the new update (which was spotted by Pelo Buddy) owners now get a custom slider that can adjust between the volume of the music and instructor's voice more precisely, to better suit their own preference.

The feature seemingly hasn't arrived on everyone's Peloton gear as yet. It is reportedly still being tested by the fitness firm, but we can see it being a hit (we'd certainly like it on our own Peloton Bike, that's for sure). If you haven't got it yet yourself, you can still see (hear) it in action though as Pelo Buddy has also posted a brief video clip on YouTube.

The feature could well become available on the Peloton Row too in the near future, although that machine is still to make it across the pond to the UK.

It'll also hopefully roll out across the board to all Peloton devices soon.

But that's not all

As well as the custom audio option, Peloton is reportedly also planning to introduce new games for its Tread and Bike machines.

Lanebreak has been a big success (in our houses, at least) and it seems the company is set to follow it up with a couple of additional adventures to make fitness training more fun.

Found in hidden code on the Peloton Tablet, Grow is a game where you have to transform a barren landscape into a "lush garden" by presumably running or cycling faster, while the second game to be found is currently unnamed but no less interesting.

It is said to be more of an adventure-style title, where you "discover mysterious artefacts while traversing and open world".

It is reported by Connect the Watts that both games will likely go into a public alpha testing phase before being released, so it might be a while before you see them on your machine.

We'll keep you informed if we hear any more in the meantime though, of course.

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