Think your Android pattern lock is super secure? Think again...

It turns out we're a boringly predictable bunch: our Android patterns are boringly obvious

You're probably thinking that by putting a pattern into your Android phone, you're going super secure. Nobody will guess that. Except a study has found that most of us are using the design equivalent of 'Password' as a lock picture.

The study, by Marte Løge at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, found the patterns most people use can be easily guessed byt hackers.

After studying 3000 different patterns created by Android users, the study discovered over 77% of patterns started from one of the four corners.

It also found that 44% of patterns began at the top left corner of the screen – making it quite a bit easier to guess where your Android lock pattern begins.

Adding in extra nodes (dots to connect together) to the lock screen pattern makes it far more difficult for those trying to hack in but the study found the average user only uses five at a time.

That's an average of 7152 possibilities. If you upped your nodes to eight or nine it'd mean 140,000 different combinations.

The advice is to create a lock pattern with more nodes than you'd expect and try not to base any of your lock patterns on a letter from the alphabet. The study found a lot of people based their pattern on something that already exists.

Easy tips to stay safe? Don't be predictable and definitely don't start from a corner to make it a little less predictable.

Via Phone Arena