You won't have long to wait for new iPads, Apple plans a bumper launch soon

An Apple expert expects new iPad Pro and iPad Air models within weeks

Apple iPad Pro
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple will reportedly launch a swathe of new iPads in March, it is said.

There will be the "biggest revamp ever" for the iPad Pro, plus a new iPad Air and a much-larger version, to boot.

They will launch alongside new M3 MacBook Air models, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. The Apple expert wrote in the latest edition of his PowerOn newsletter that the devices will all come out "around the end of March".

Gurman also claims that the latest iOS release – iOS 17.4 – reveals a few key details. There are suggestions that new iPad accessories are inbound, including new Magic Keyboards and Apple Pencils, plus a landscape FaceID camera on the new iPad Pro models.

This is something we heard last week and is a much-requested feature, especially from users of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. They more often than not use their tablets in landscape mode and currently means video calls are recorded from the side of the display, not the top.

Plus, I often find myself accidentally placing my thumb over the camera when trying to open a bio-locked app or service – such as a banking app. Placing the camera on one of the iPad\s longer edges would definitely help in that instance.

Both the new iPad Pro models are also said to be switching to OLED panels.

As for the larger iPad Air, the latest we've heard is that it will have the same sized display as the bigger of the two Pro devices – 12.9-inch. There has even been a leaked render released in recent times, although it only shows the rear of the device.

Apple has historically launched iPad models in March, with 18 March a date that has seen two launches – for the 5th Gen iPad mini and 3rd gen iPad Air in 2019, then the 7th gen iPad Pro a year later.

However, 18 March falls on a Monday this year and that's not a day the company generally holds events on. We wouldn't be surprised if it happens later that week though. Watch this space.

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