You might notice something different about Sky's Premier League coverage this weekend

Sky borrows something from EA Sports FC 24 and FIFA games for live match trial

Sky Sports Game Mode
(Image credit: Sky)

Sky Sports is trialing a new broadcast setup for the Arsenal vs Manchester City Premier League match on Sunday 8 October 2023, and it's inspired by games like EA Sports FC 24 and FIFA.

Game Mode will present the entire match from a perspective familiar to fans of footy games on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

The camera angle gives a wider view of the field, so viewers can see players running off the ball more clearly. This is usually important in competitive gaming, as you can see players you want to pass to, or runs you wish to make, but TV coverage usually favours a closer, action-focused presentation.

You can also switch between the two modes during the title contenders match this weekend, as the usual broadcast style will be shown from 16:30 BST on the Sky Sports Premier League channel, with the Game Mode version simulcast on the Sky Sports Football channel on Sky+, Sky Q, Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

Sky Sports subscribers on Virgin Media and Sky's streaming service Now will also be able to view the trial format.

Sky Sports Game Mode

(Image credit: Sky)

"We’re very excited to see what Game Mode can bring to the overall viewing experience for fans and believe it has great potential when it comes to in-game innovation," said Sky Sports' director of production, Phil Marshall.

"We thank Arsenal FC and the Premier League for their support in testing this innovation."

The Game Mode camera, which is supplied by BatCam, was first tested during last weekend's Women's Super League fixture between Arsenal and Liverpool.

Sky Sports' Premier League coverage has also been enhanced for the season with other technology innovations being added to its Monday Night Football broadcasts. Sky subscribers now get Sky Virtual View, and the presenters can use a new LED floor for greater analysis of match events.

Also airing live on Sunday is the Premier League match between Brighton and Liverpool, although that won't feature the new Game Mode camera.

A Sky Sports subscription costs an extra £27 per month for existing Sky TV customers. It is also available in bundles for Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

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