You might know Humax more for TV boxes, but it's now eyeing up your electric car

The set-top-box manufacturer is expanding into EV charging systems

Humax Ecord EV charger
(Image credit: Humax)
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Humax is diversifying its product lineup with the addition of an EV charging solution – the Ecord 7.4kW Home Charger.

It will be available from 28 March 2024 priced from £599, with installation options yet to be announced.

For several decades, Humax has been a brand most commonly associated with TV set-top-boxes. It can be argued that it was one of the main companies to help drive the early 2000s' digital TV switch-over in the UK, and get us all used to recording shows on a hard drive rather than tape or disc.

In more recent times, it has made Android streaming boxes and moved into mobility solutions, but its latest product sees perhaps its greatest departure yet – it has launched a charging device for electric vehicles.

Humax Ecord EV charger

(Image credit: Humax)

The Humax Ecord 7.4kW Home Charger will be available from later this month (28 March 2024) and is a solution for topping up your electric car.

It can be wall-mounted or sat on a pedestal and can be controlled manually from the main box, or via the Humax Ecord Mobile App for iOS and Android. This application will not only enable owners to set preferred charging schedules, it will also learn your usage patterns and help you track your charging history.

Multiple profiles can be set in the app too, so different users can track their own charging times and even queue digitally to be notified when the charge point is ready.

The device itself also houses a front LED indicator to show charging status. It can be activated using an RFID card swipe, too.

Humax also confirms that the Ecord is compatible with home solar panel solutions, to make it even more sustainable. A solar mode can be enabled to ensure it only uses power from users' installed solar PV panels.

The charger is dust and water proofed (IP65) and features built-in PEN fault protection. There is both Wi-Fi and wired internet connectivity (Ethernet), and it comes with a three-year warranty.

The Ecord is also OZEV approved allowing UK customers to apply for a £350 grant towards installation. It costs £599 (with a 4m cord), £649 (7m). It does need to be professionally installed, so you may need to add those costs to your budget.

Humax is yet to announce its installation partner.

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