Chill and Thrill: YETI's Roadie 15 is the brand’s most affordable cool box ever

Taking portability to the next level, the Roadie 15 is destined to become one of the most popular models from YETI

YETI launches Roadie 15 cooler
(Image credit: YETI)

YETI has unveiled its latest innovation in portable cooling solutions with the Roadie 15, now the smallest and most affordable hard cooler in their esteemed lineup.

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts seeking compact functionality without compromise, the Roadie 15 promises to keep essentials chilled wherever adventure beckons.

YETI is considered one of the best cool box manufacturers, thanks to the ruggedness and quality of its products.

With a 15-quart capacity, the Roadie 15 offers ample space for a 12-pack of standard cans or multiple wine bottles, ensuring beverages stay refreshingly cold.

Weighing less than 10 pounds when empty, it is designed to be easily transportable, fitting snugly on ATVs, paddleboards, kayaks, or carried down to the shoreline with its DoubleDuty shoulder strap.

The Roadie 15 combines robust insulation with YETI's signature durability. It features innovations like the BearFoot non-slip feet and BestDam drain plug, making it versatile for any outdoor setting, from tailgates to fishing trips.

The cooler's technology includes the NeverFail hinge system and ColdLock gasket, ensuring a secure seal against the elements. Its compact size belies its strength, with an interlocking lid system and permafrost insulation to maintain temperatures in any climate.

Available now at YETI for a recommended price of $200, the Roadie 15 is ready to accompany adventurers on their next journey. For now, the Roadie 15 is available in six colours, although we’re sure there will be many more options in the future. UK and AU availability TBC.

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