Yes, LG really is making its own tech-packed caravan

Don't expect to see it at Butlins

LG Bon Voyage
(Image credit: LG)

CES is the world's largest electronics show, and LG is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of electronics. No doubt the company behind some of the best TVs in the world will have a host of new tech to show off, but they've also announced that the show will feature something more Skegness than CES, a caravan.

That's right, LG's experimental Labs division has announced the LG Bon Voyage, what it calls "a customized living space designed to extend the life quality at home out into the nature" which is otherwise known as a caravan (of course!).

We haven't had a look at the interior yet but LG  describes that "it can be furnished with various furniture and appliances, including a bed, refrigerator, electric stove, water purifier, Styler and shoe care products."

This latest model is actually much smaller than the previous iteration, which resembled the trailer of a lorry/truck. The new one measures 2 metres wide, 3.8 meters across and 2.2 meters tall, and attaches to a regular car, so you won't need an eighteen-wheeler.

As well as the Bon Voyage, LG has also announced a few other unique products that will be shown at CES 2024. These include the DUOBO by LG Labs, a capsule coffee machine that can extract two different capsules at the same time, as well as a folding laptop, the LG Gram Fold.

LG does also have another party piece, the DukeBox by LG Labs which combines the old-fashioned vacuum tube style with a transparent OLED screen for something visually striking. It can even function as a digital fireplace if you wish.

These other products sound interesting but I'm more excited to live in a world where you pull up to the campsite with an LG caravan on the back. Hopefully, it at least comes with one of their superb OLED TVs.

Andy Sansom
Staff Writer

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