Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro just schooled Galaxy S22 Ultra with elite Android feat

A very good reason to upgrade to Xiaomi's new Android flagship, and worrying news for Samsung

Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro Android phone in blue and black colorway
(Image credit: Xiaomi)

Great news for lovers of the best Android phones who are considering the all-new Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro comes courtesy of confirmation that it beats the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in a key area of camera performance.

As demonstrated by Samsung's own leakster-in-chief, Ice universe, the Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro absolutely cooks the Galaxy S22 Ultra in terms of shooting fast-moving objects, with the new phone's camera able to take over twice as many pictures in the same period of time.

Writing on Twitter, Ice states that:

"Compared with the Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro, the S22 Ultra loses very badly when shooting a fast-moving object. s22u took 5 pictures, Xiaomi took 11 pictures"

The following video was then shown. Watch it now to see the proof.

The T3 take: Xiaomi ups the Android camera stakes markedly

This is concrete proof that, when it comes round to shooting quickly, the Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro is streets ahead of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, the camera beatdown doesn't look like it is going to stop there, as the Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro is bringing a 200MP main camera sensor to the table, too.

For the record, the Galaxy S22 Ultra's camera sensor tops out at 108MP, which coincidentally is what the standard non-Pro Xiaomi Mi 12T now offers.

Now, on paper, large MP camera sensors do not a top-tier camera system make. But they certainly help and Xiaomi is now leading the market in this department with no competition on the near horizon.

Indeed, the first Samsung-made phone we're now expecting to see boast a 200MP camera sensor is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, but that's not set to launch until next year.

Meanwhile, we now know that the soon-to-be-launched Google Pixel 7 Pro won't get anywhere near matching this sensor MP size either.

Right now, then, it looks like if you're a photography enthusiast and looking for a new handset then the Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro is a must-see. T3 will hopefully be reviewing the Xiaomi Mi 12T Pro very shortly, so check back in soon for the full picture.

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