Xbox Series X will unveil more games soon. Your move, PS5

Xbox Series X boss Phil Spencer announces more games to come, while PS5 leaves fans in the dark

Xbox Series X Senua's Saga
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We know far more about the Xbox Series X than we do the PS5. Microsoft's big next-gen console was first revealed way back in December at the Game Awards 2019, and more specs and details have been released since then. 

The PS5 team, meanwhile, has been remarkably cagey. We've had a developer-orientated presentation full of technical specifications and, er... that's pretty much it. No big design reveal, no glossy footage. The Sony team has released the PS5 DualSense, the next-generation DualShock replacement, to great reactions around the web, but the console itself remains shrouded in mystery. 

The Xbox Series X looks set to consolidate its early lead by ramping up its reveal schedule. Answering a question on Twitter, Microsoft's Head of Xbox Phil Spencer divulges the next step in his plan: a big reveal of Series X games in the near future. Check out the tweet below:

This reveal will likely livestream to console fans in early May, to replace the reveal we would have gotten at E3 2020. We already know Microsoft will not be producing any Series X exclusives for the console until 2022, but it will be providing "smart delivery", updating Xbox One titles to their Series X equivalent for free. That means cross-generational titles like Halo: Infinite and Senua's Saga: Hellblade II will all appear on Xbox Series X. 

Spencer's promise to show us more on the games side of things is intriguing. Although we've seen a teaser video (below) we've not yet seen any gameplay demonstrations from the Xbox camp using the new technology, so perhaps this will be part of the presentation, along with a reveal of all the titles we can expect to be on the console at launch. 

To hazard a guess, we'd bet on a new Forza game, FIFA 21 and perhaps another long-running action franchise such as Call of Duty in addition to the already announced titles, Hellblade, Halo and Outriders.  

What about PS5?

Thanks to developers revealing their own creations, we know quite a few PS5 games set to arrive with the console. Notably, the only confirmed PS5 launch exclusive Godfall, from Borderlands creators Counterplay Games, is a "looter-slasher" inspired by fantasy novels like The Stormlight Archives. 

Up to three players will be able to play a co-op campaign, taking down powerful enemies together to grab an ever-expanding list of weapons and armour. Check out the launch trailer below.

Co-op RPG shooter Outriders, Ubisoft project Gods And Monsters and long-gestating Bethesda space RPG Starfield will all arrive on the console at a later date.

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