Xbox Series X price firmed up in broadside blow to PS5

The Xbox Series X has a working price, but where does that leave the PS5?

Xbox Series X
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We recently got treated to an hour-long presentation from PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny, diving into the inner-workings of the console. While it was thorough and comprehensive (although maybe a bit too technical), it was aimed at developers rather than gamers. 

As such, it didn't really address what PlayStation fans wanted to know: namely, how the games are going to look and play, what the console is going to look like and how much it's going to cost. Microsoft, on the other hand, has the answers to all these questions for the Xbox Series X – even though it's been keeping quiet on the last one. 

Phil Spencer recently spoke to IGN's "Unlocked" podcast regarding the Xbox Series X. But as well as talking about the PS5's specs, Spencer also teased the price of Microsoft's entry:

"You have to set a price target at the beginning for yourselves and then you roll in as you see the competition and you start to do your go-to-market planning.

"I feel good about the price we're going to be able to get to. I feel good about the price and the performance capabilities that we have for Series X. I feel incredibly strong about the overall package.

"We have a plan and we feel very solid about it. I believe we have a plan that can win."

Xbox Series X

Will impressive specs reflect in the Series X's price?

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Although he's not revealing any secrets, Spencer has a price in mind, but admits the Xbox team will need to stay "agile" on pricing, which we can take to mean Spencer has allowed some wiggle-room for Xbox to potentially undercut the PS5 if needs be. 

It sounds as if Spencer has a flexible price margin on the table, ready to take on the PS5 when Sony makes its move and announces all the juicy details of the console. However, PS5's rumoured pricing all over the place, with one Danish retailer listing it at an exorbitant £817, and a Vancouver shop listing it at £318

We had readers contact us after the Danish site's leak, explaining Danes pay premium prices for tech. Even so, that's a huge margin to cover, but Spencer is confident the Xbox Series X is agile enough to handle it. 

We'll know more for sure as Holiday 2020 approaches and we learn more about Sony's plans for the PS5. Stay tuned.

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