Xbox Series X pre-order slipped through your fingers? Aussies still have one option

Telstra is still offering Xbox Series X pre-orders via Xbox All Access

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The PlayStation 5 went up for pre-order last week and stock vanished in a matter of hours, and now much the same fate has befallen Microsoft's flagship entry into the next-gen console wars – the Xbox Series X.

Many Australians missed out on their chance to grab the Series X from retailers like JB Hi-Fi, EB Games, and even Microsoft itself, but thankfully Telstra's offering a solution for those keen to get their hands on the next-gen console before the end of the year – and it's a fairly cost-effective option that doesn't require you to pay anything up front.

Xbox All Access is a Microsoft-backed subscription program that's available as an add-on to any existing or new Telstra broadband or post-paid mobile plan. Simply pay a flat monthly fee over the course of 24 months and you'll get an Xbox console – either the Xbox Series X or more affordable Series S, depending on what you choose – as well as an ongoing subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The Game Pass gives you unlimited access to a rolling library of over 100 games, both on your Xbox console and PC. Each month, this list of games is added to and you're able to continue playing them so long as you have an active membership.

If you're looking at getting the flagship Xbox Series X with Telstra's Xbox All Access program, you'll be looking at a monthly fee of AU$46 on top of your existing plan. For the Xbox Series S it's a little less, at AU$33 per month.

Pre-order Xbox Series X via Xbox All Access right now

Pre-order Xbox Series X via Xbox All Access right now

Aussies can score an Xbox Series S for only AU$33 per month on a 24-month plan on Xbox All Access, and you won't have to pay anything upfront. For those seeking the best of the best, you can instead pre-order the beastly Xbox Series X for AU$46 per month – again with no upfront fees. And when the initial 24-month period is up, the console is yours outright. If you're keen, click the button below to visit the Telstra site for more details – note that you'll need to be a Telstra post-paid mobile or broadband customer to sign up.