PS5 backwards compatibility bombshell is a win for Xbox Series X

Sony announces a horrifying loss to PS5 backwards compatibility

Sony PS5 DualSense
(Image credit: Sony)

One of the most surprising battlegrounds of the next-gen competition comes in the form of backwards compatibility

Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 boast about being able to play a plethora of older games on these shiny new consoles, with Microsoft's consoles offering backwards compatibility for titles spanning four generations.

Sony hasn't been to concerned about the feature since the PS4 launch, but it has assured gamers that the PS5 will be able to play the majority of PS4 games without any hiccups – except for one in particular, and it's a huge blow to fans.  

GamesRadar reports that PT will not be playable on PS5 via backwards compatibility, although the decision seems to be largely out of the company's hands, with Konami saying:

"The content will not be available on the PS Store, so users won’t be able to re-download the content through the backwards compatibility feature to the PS5." 

The much-beloved demo was removed from the PS Store a while ago, and it turns out that Konami doesn’t seem to be interested in putting it back any time soon, which means you won’t be able to transfer it over to the new console. 

PT was rolled out as a demo designed to be the playable teaser for the Silent Hill game that never came be, with legendary developer Hideo Kojima leaving Konami shortly afterwards. 

The demo is all that exists of the game, and has lead to some very over-priced PS4s being sold on the internet by users who managed to download the teaser before it was erased from existence.

While the lack of PT on PS5 makes sense, it’s hard not to feel a twinge of sadness upon having this news confirmed. Fans will no doubt have been hoping for a different outcome.

Source: GamesRadar+