Workout: Premium-brand Eleiko reinvents a strength training staple with its latest innovation

New Eleiko Öppen Collars allow single-handed operation and feature integrated magnets

Eleiko Öppen Collars price release date
(Image credit: Eleiko)

Do you find standard barbell collars are too fiddly to use? If so, we have some good news for you: the latest product from Eleiko, the Öppen Collars, are a new user-friendly solution designed to easily secure barbell weights. The new horseshoe-shaped magnetic collars feature an innovative open-sided design, a fresh take on a strength training staple that is traditionally constructed as a full circle, requiring lifters to slide the collar the full length of the sleeve.

With the Eleiko Öppen Collars, you simply place each collar next to the weights, press the lever down and lock them into place – securing weights in seconds. And we know what you're thinking: "Guys, regular barbell collars are simple enough to use as is, I don't need a fancy Eleiko collar", and we agree, reasonably-priced coil-style collars are indeed not difficult to apply.

That said, standard barbell collars are nowhere near as convenient as the Eleiko Öppen Collars, not to mention the coolness factor. Using the Öppen Collars can significantly reduce the time you spend changing over weight plates, which means you have more time to work on your gains. Whoop-whoop.

Eleiko Öppen Collars: price and availability

The Eleiko Öppen Collars are available to buy now at Eleiko US, Eleiko UK for a recommended retail price of $75/£80 per pair. There seem to be no official AUS site for Eleiko but in Eleiko NZ, the Öppen Collars retail for NZ$86.

Eleiko Öppen Collars: how does it work?

Named a finalist in the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021, the new open-ended design of the Eleiko Öppen Collars "removes barriers to make collar use accessible for everyone", as Eleiko explains. With the Eleiko Öppen Collars, lifters simply place each collar next to the weights and press the lever down to lock them into place, securing weights quickly with a single-handed operation.

With 'smart' features such as integrated magnets, single-handed lever operation and powerful clamping force, the Eleiko Öppen Collars are easy to store and use. The magnets allow users to stick the collars on stands, racks and benches for easy accessibility, while the rubber components offer a secure grip and absorb shock when the barbell is dropped.

Eleiko also made an effort to reduce the environmental impact of the collars: the lightweight aluminium casing, NBR rubber and internal components are fully recyclable. Eleiko claims that the Öppen Collars have been thoroughly tested with drop tests and opening/closing lever tests to ensure they will remain functional even after years of use.

The collars are compatible with all Eleiko bars and plates.

Eleiko Öppen Collars price release date

(Image credit: Eleiko)
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