Wish you could clone yourself? QuickDrive™ is the next best thing

Half the time for laundry¹ means more time for you

Have you ever wished you had a clone who could take care of chores while you got on with the fun stuff? Samsung feels your pain – so they’ve invented a time machine. Well, sort of. Its new QuickDrive™ technology can deliver something we could all do with: twice as much me-time. 

QuickDrive™ brings cutting-edge technology to the humble washing machine. Suddenly it’s not so humble. It’s a time-saving, grime-busting, life-enhancing, app-controllable time machine that cuts chores in half. Less time cleaning stuff means more time for the good stuff.

How does it work? Science.

Good vibrations

Traditional washing machines aren’t exactly smart. But the QuickDrive™ ones are. They’re smart home appliances with connectivity built right in. That means you can use the SmartThings app² on your phone to monitor and remotely control them whether you’re on the sofa, mid-commute or anywhere else you can get a phone connection. 

The app isn’t just a remote, as handy as that is. It’s a smart management system that can identify the perfect wash cycle for any load and gently take care of your clothes.

Even the mechanical bits are smart. Where traditional washing machines simply twirl your clothes through water and detergent, QuickDrive™ uses something called a pulsator to agitate the water and create much more efficient cleaning. That enables Samsung’s QuickDrive™ washing machines to deliver a wash cycle with no compromise in quality in half the time.

Every QuickDrive™ device benefits from crisp, clean, modern design

Samsung has also found a way to make soap smarter. Its ecobubble™ technology combines air and water to create tiny bubbles of detergent, and those bubbles penetrate deep into the fabrics to deliver outstanding cleaning even at very low temperatures.

Samsung has even thought about your socks to your forgotten towels. Its AddWash™ door enables you to add a missed sock, extra softener or more delicate items just for the final rinse.³

Time is on your side

This isn’t technology for technology’s sake. It’s a technology that saves you time. Samsung reckons that over a week you’ll save enough time for a good long walk; over a month, an overnight stay somewhere special; and over a year, enough time to become a qualified scuba diver.¹

It’ll save you energy too. Never mind an A rating, QuickDrive™ has an A+++ energy rating. Better energy efficiency and shorter washing times makes a big difference to your energy bills.

It’s so well engineered that it’s been trusted with an 11-year warranty for extra peace of mind. There’s also a new anti-adhesion coating on the Anti-Scale Heater that means much longer life than traditional ceramic heaters, even in areas of very hard water. 

The quiet type

You’re probably wondering what the catch is. Does the thorough wash sound like somebody’s filled the machine with hammers? Nope: the Digital Inverter delivers spookily low noise levels even during the superbly speedy 1600rpm spin cycle. A too-small load? Nope again: you can get a whopping 10kg into the WW10M86DQOA/EU model. 

Money? Time for our third “nope”. In fact, if you buy from John Lewis you can get up to £200 off by trading in your old appliance, and the delivery drivers will collect the old one for free. There’s also a 100-day, no-quibble returns policy.

That leaves looks, but Samsung doesn’t disappoint there either. Every QuickDrive™ device benefits from crisp, clean, modern design that looks great in even the most zen kitchen or utility room. And it’s even better looking in real life, as you’ll discover if you pop down to John Lewis to take a closer look.

If you’d like to know more about how QuickDrive™, AddWash™ and ecobubble™ technology mean more me-time for you, the John Lewis website has everything you need to know.

[1] Samsung QuickDrive™ WW8800M vs Samsung WW8500K (5kg 40ºC Cotton wash).

[2] Requires “SmartThings”, available on Android and iOS. Registration required.

[3] AddWash™ door can be opened at any time when the drum temperature is below 50ºC


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