If you love tech, these are the businesses you should aspire to work for

Great Place To Work® has announced THE best places to work in the tech realm

Great Place To Work
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If you love tech, what could be better than working in the tech industry? Whether you’re aiming to live that dream for the first time, or already working in the sector but looking for new opportunities, Great Place To Work’s annual Best Workplaces™ lists are your ideal starting point.

Great Place To Work is the global authority on workplace culture, with a mission to help every place become a better place to work, for all. They help businesses gain real insight into their internal cultures, and be accredited as places that know how to attract and retain the best talent. 

Best Workplaces lists are compiled using the best insider experts of all: employees working in the technology industry. Their testimony is anonymously collated into the Trust Index™ Survey, giving a full picture of respondents’ workplace experience.

And the latest results are in: these are the UK Best Workplaces in Tech™ for 2022.

Great Place To Work

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These workplaces are officially the best in tech!

Super Large (over 1,000 employees): Cisco

Great Place To Work

(Image credit: Cisco)

This multi-national technology giant has enjoyed many years of success in the Best Workplaces lists and continues to lead the way.

Jen Scherler-Gormley, Head of HR UK and Ireland at Cisco, said: “Cisco is proud to have been recognised by Great Place To Work in the UK over the past two decades, most recently topping the Best Workplaces for WellbeingTM and Best Workplaces in TechTM lists. We are proud of these accolades, particularly as it is our employees that have put us there. We believe our achievement has been shaped by our conscious culture, driven by empathy and curiosity that extends beyond our employees, to positively impact their families and communities. For example, all employees have access to Wellthy, a personalised care concierge service with dedicated care coordinators to support loved ones with complex needs.

“We also recently introduced nudge, a web-based tool designed to help employees with money management and support their financial wellbeing. Applying learnings from our own insights and those of Great Place To Work helps us to better understand and meet the needs of our employees, creating a people-first workplace environment that will retain and attract the best talent in the industry.”

Large (251-1000 employees): xDesign

Great Place To Work

(Image credit: xDesign)

The Edinburgh-based web and app developer is rightly proud of its people-centric approach.

Ciji Duncan, Chief People Officer at xDesign, said: “Topping the Best Workplaces in Tech list for a large company is a testament to all the hard work and investment we’ve put into creating a truly people-centric company.

“We know that by creating a safe, supportive and collaborative culture, we can retain and attract the very best talent – something we constantly need to fuel the huge growth trajectory we’re on at the moment.

“We won’t be resting on our laurels either and will be using the insight drawn from the Great Place To Work survey to further galvanise our people proposition. After all, tech alone can only take you so far, it’s people that really provide us with the ability to drive lasting change for our clients.”

Medium (51-250 employees): Braze

Great Place To Work

(Image credit: Braze)

Braze provides big brands with customer engagement technologies, and there’s no doubt that it has engaged very successfully with its workforce.

Employees had lots of great things to say about the company’s “amazing culture and inclusive environment.” One that stands out is, “Everyone loves to be here and even though it's not compulsory to visit the office, most people want to come in. That speaks volumes!”

Small (20-50 employees): Monday.com

Great Place To Work

(Image credit: Monday.com)

Monday.com’s key product, the powerful Work OS, helps numerous companies worldwide to streamline work for maximum productivity.

One employee’s response to the Trust Index Survey said, “I feel that I’m doing something impactful as part of this team and company. It’s a company that I could see myself working at for a very long time, growing and developing in new roles. I look forward to seeing how this company evolves, and supports me in my evolution.” This feeling of belonging and a desire to grow with the company was reflected by others at the company.

The full top 5 in each category

Super Large (over 1000 employees)


Softcat PLC



SAP (UK) Ltd

Large (251-1000 employees)



ServiceNow UK



Medium (51-250 employees)


Evolved Search




Small (20-50 employees)




Venture Stream



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