5 reasons you need a bamboo mattress for better sleep

Everything you need to know about bamboo mattresses, including comfort, sustainability & support

Panda Bamboo Hybrid Mattress
(Image credit: Panda London)

When it comes to getting the best night’s sleep, having the right mattress is imperative for sleep quality, comfort and support. But with so many mattress options on the market, it can be challenging to find the right choice for you.

A significant factor to consider when buying a mattress is the type of material your mattress is made out of. As more people become sustainably minded, many different materials are emerging, such as latex, charcoal and even bamboo.

If bamboo mattresses sound interesting to you, meet Panda London. Founded in 2015, Panda is the UK’s leading bamboo mattress & bedding specialist that designs and manufactures mattresses, pillows, duvets and other sleep accessories from bamboo fabric and other eco-friendly materials. The most recent addition to the Panda range is the new Hybrid Bamboo Mattress, a six-layer bamboo mattress that delivers orthopaedic grade support, pressure point comfort and advanced breathability.

If you’re new to the world of bamboo mattresses, here are five reasons you need one for a better night’s sleep.

Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress

(Image credit: Panda London)

1. Luxuriously soft

Regardless of the type of mattress you’re shopping for, you want it to be soft to the touch and comfortable to lie on. Bamboo fabric or (BioCell Foam™) bamboo infused foam, which is used in the Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress, is luxuriously soft and feels similar to the silky smooth feel of Egyptian cotton.

While bamboo might seem like an odd choice in a mattress, it’s quickly becoming more mainstream, mainly due to how comfortable it is to sleep on. Bamboo infused foam is also incredibly long lasting, and if you’re taking good care of your mattress and giving it a thorough clean every now and then, you’ll see that it gets softer and softer with some TLC.

2. Exceptionally supportive

From motion transfer to orthopaedic support, bamboo and specifically the Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress offers exceptional levels of support. While bamboo is incredibly soft, it’s also a tough and flexible fibre that when used in a mattress delivers high resilience and maintains its comfort levels throughout each use. In other words, it’s a robust material that you can trust to keep your body aligned and supported while you sleep at night.

The Hybrid Bamboo Mattress is made up of six layers, with 7 zones of support. Underneath the top bamboo cover (which can be removed and washed), there’s a layer of BioCell Foam™ that features open cell technology infused with fresh bamboo. Further down, the OrthoAlign Foam™ is the real star of the show when it comes to support. In combination with the multi-zonal springs, this orthopaedic grade foam layer distributes weight evenly and helps align the spine and reduce aches and pains. The foam also responds to your sleeping position to leave you feeling comforted and cradled throughout the night.

Panda Hybrid Bamboo Mattress

(Image credit: Panda London)

3. Naturally hypoallergenic

If you suffer from allergies or skin conditions, a bamboo mattress is the perfect addition to your bedroom. Some mattress materials trap dirt and germs, which can cause your skin to break out or provoke an allergy flare-up. While cleaning your mattress regularly can prevent this issue, choosing a mattress which is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, like a bamboo one can banish these problems altogether. If you suffer from eczema, asthma or another allergy, a bamboo mattress like the Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress is not only gentle on the skin, but it can also improve your overall sleep quality and duration.

4. Temperature regulating

Depending on the mattress material, your mattress could trap heat, leaving you feeling overly hot and sweaty during the night and when you wake up in the morning. With the Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress, the bamboo infused foam has optimised airflow which helps regulate your temperature, so you’re nice and warm during the colder months and cool during the summer. No one likes waking up in a puddle of sweat, so if you tend to run hot at night, bamboo is naturally moisture wicking, so you’ll stay dry and comfortable while you sleep. The Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress is also odour-resistant, so even if you do sweat a little, it won’t trap the smell and your bed will look and feel fresh for longer.

5. Kind to the planet

Finally, the most popular reason people pick a bamboo mattress is because it’s sustainable and eco-friendly. As bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant, it’s a sustainable resource and uses much less water than cotton, meaning producing a bamboo mattress is less harmful to the environment. The bamboo that’s used in Panda London’s range of luxurious sleep products is grown organically, so it’s not interfered with by any harsh chemicals and it’s vegan friendly, as it’s growing and harvesting doesn’t affect any animals. Due to the toughness of bamboo, you can rest assured that the Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress or any other bamboo product from Panda will last a lifetime.

About Panda London

Focused on delivering luxurious comfort that’s sustainable, supportive and premium quality, Panda London are revolutionising home and sleepwear. Their bamboo-infused mattresses, pillows, duvets and other sleep products are designed to offer the best possible night’s sleep and use eco-friendly materials which leave little to no trace to the planet. Panda London has spent years researching and developing their products and production process and have found the perfect blend of technology, sustainability and comfort.

The newest addition to Panda London, the Panda Hybrid Bamboo mattress is designed for all types of sleepers and is competitively priced against other leading mattress brands. With a focus on quality, Panda London also offers a 100 night trial on their mattresses, alongside free UK delivery and free mattress recycling.

On all other products from Panda London, there's a 30 night trial, free UK delivery and returns, and a 10-year guarantee, so you can sleep easy knowing you have the best bamboo mattress on the market.

At T3, we're big fans of Panda London, specifically their duvet which we gave 5/5 stars in our review. We even gave the dreamy Panda Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow review a T3 5 star Platinum award, so we really couldn't recommend them more.

If you want to know more about the Panda Cloud Bamboo Duvet, you can read our full review or take a look at the video below.


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