Whirlpool cleans your laundry and dishes better with 6TH SENSE

Get better results with less time and energy use, with dishwashers, washing machines and tumble driers that sense and adapt to what you’re washing or drying

Whirlpool washing machines, tumble drier and dishwashers at AO.com
(Image credit: Whirlpool)

Want your clothes perfectly laundered at lower cost, and your dishes sparkling with less energy wasted? Whirlpool’s Supreme Care range uses its 6TH SENSE home AI to help you get great results every time. 6TH SENSE actually continuously sense, adapt and control your appliance as it cleans or dries.

Whirlpool offers an elegant set of intuitive appliances that, thanks to 6TH SENSE technology, do all the thinking for you by monitoring, adapting and controlling your appliance for perfect cleaning, every time.

Whirlpool Supreme Care and PowerClean Pro washing machines, tumble driers and dishwashers are all connected through Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE Live app for iOS and Android. 

This easy-to-set-up app guides you through connecting to your home Wi-Fi, then lets you control your devices from anywhere in the world as well as giving insights into the energy use and cost involved.

How it works: Supreme Care washing machines

Whirlpool’s machines have an elegant, understated design. 6TH SENSE means you get better results with less detergent, water and energy used. The technology continuously monitors your laundry, adapting the cycle and resources used to give you superior results. The 6TH SENSE LIVE app can show you the cost and time of different wash cycle options before you start a wash, and lets you start or pause it remotely.

How it works: Supreme Care tumble dryers

You can see the cost of each drying cycle, and choose the most cost-effective option every time. Your dry cycle can be paused from anywhere, or if you’re running late you can activate Fresh Care, to tumble your clothes for up to 6 hours, keeping them perfectly fresh and ready to wear.


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