Where to watch 2024 BAFTA winners – when can I watch award-winners on streaming?

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Poor Things
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Hard as it is to believe, the 2024 BAFTAs was about more than just David Tennant and that spectacular suit. Everyone was also there to honour the best that film has to offer, both from the British Isles and worldwide. 

As it turned out, that basically meant handing an award to pretty much everyone responsible for Oppenheimer, which scooped seven wins, but there were successes for some other great films too. So, of course, the question remains, where can I watch these stellar slices of cinema? And when will they be available on the best streaming services? Let's find out.  


We start with the big winner of the night. Christopher Nolan's epic claimed 7 wins including Best Film, Best Director (for Nolan), Best Actor (Cillian Murphy) and Best Supporting Actor for Robert Downey Jr- who somehow beat Ryan Gosling's turn as Ken. 

First, the bad news, Oppenheimer isn't currently streaming anywhere in the UK, but you can at least rent the story of the man who invented the atomic bomb from all the usual places. Apple TV+ is your best bet for a rental as they have it in 4K, which is essential to get the full effect of that historic (and sickening) moment. 

If you're a US viewer, however, you should be rushing to Peacock Premium right now, as the film is exclusively streaming there. 

The Zone of Interest

A rare winner of both Outstanding British Film and Best Film not in the English language, Zone of Interest is currently only in UK cinemas. 

This historical drama based on Martin Amis' book of the same name follows Rudolf Hoss as he struggles to build the perfect family life, right next to the Auschwitz concentration camp that he is in charge of. Don't expect an easy watch, but prepare to be gripped. 

As an A24 film, we do know that in the US it will from February 20th find its way onto Max (formerly HBO Max) as the studio has a deal with the streamer. 

Poor Things

Emma Stone rightly won Best Leading Actress for her otherworldy performance in the latest film from the king of weird Yorgis Lanthimos. She plays Bella Baxter, a Frankenstein style creation with the brain of a baby and the body of a woman and it just gets stranger from there. 

Poor Things is still in the cinema in the UK after a January release. In the US however, it launched in early December and is set to now arrive for rental or purchase on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+ on February 27th . I suspect that it will be at least a month from that date (maybe more) for those of us in the UK to rent or purchase on VOD. 

The Holdovers 

Ostensibly a Christmas film, The Holdovers is a charming comedy from director Alexander Payne that netted Da’Vine Joy Randolph a gong for Best Supporting Actress. She plays the cafeteria manager alongside Paul Giamatti's Curmudgeonly classics teacher tasked with looking after the students who have nowhere to go for the holidays. In the UK it was bizarrely only released in January, so you might not have seen it yet. 

Although only streaming in the US (on Peacock Premium), this film is available to rent in both the US and UK. Head to Amazon Prime Video on either side of the pond.  

Anatomy of a Fall 

Winner of Best Original Screenplay is this legal drama of a tragic accident that creates all kinds of trouble for the victim's widow. This is a highly-rated French flick that has also been nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars so is definitely worth a watch. 

It's another that's not yet streaming but again wherever you are you can rent it on Apple TV+ or Prime Video

The Boy and the Heron 

A Studio Ghbili feature, it should come as no surprise that The Boy and the Heron won Best Animated Film. 

There are no details about streaming or even rental infortmation for the film yet, so go and watch in the cinema if you can! In the US it's most likely destination is Max, as that's where a number of Studio Ghibli movies reside. As for the UK, your guess is as good as mine. 

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