Weber reimagines the gas barbecue with smart technology and motion sensing

Weber launches new gas, charcoal and portable BBQ line-up for 2024

Lifestyle image of the Weber Summit Smart Gas Barbecue
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Weber has just announced its new barbecue line-up for 2024, including new gas, charcoal and portable barbecue models to make outside cooking more smart, tasty and convenient this year. With smart technology at the forefront, the most exciting new addition to Weber’s product portfolio is its reimagining of the Weber Summit, which adds smart and motion sensing features to its popular gas barbecue.

Weber is a global leader in outdoor cooking technology, with many of its products holding top spots in our best barbecue guide. Last year, Weber made exciting moves into the best electric grill market with the launch of the Weber Lumin but 2024’s line-up has got me even more excited.

The new Summit Smart Gas Barbecue, a smaller edition of the Traveler and the largest Master-Touch charcoal barbecue make up the 2024 collection from Weber. When speaking of the new models, COO of Weber, Mike Jacobs stated that they’re the most advanced and innovative yet.

“We created state-of-the-art temperature monitor and control systems, leveraged sophisticated digital and predictive control technologies, and used the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes. The result is a range of barbecues and griddles that are purposeful and intelligent in design and functionality, yet incredibly simple, intuitive and fun to use."

Let’s take a look at the new releases from Weber which are set to be released later this year.

1. Weber’s most advanced BBQ yet: the Summit Smart Gas Barbecue

Weber Summit Smart Gas Barbecue

(Image credit: Weber)

Weber launched its Summit series back in 2011 but this year, the popular gas barbecue collection has been given a smart revamp. Its most technologically advanced model to date, the Weber Summit Smart Gas Barbecue is big, bold and takes outdoor cooking to the next level.

The Summit Smart Gas Barbecue uses SmartControl technology that controls how gas flows to the individual burners with its integrated electronic gas valve system. As this technology monitors the gas, it immediately reacts to temperature changes so the barbecue is always at the right temperature for the perfect food. For safety, SmartControl also recognises the presence of a gas flame and it will trigger the resignation for a safer grilling experience.

With a similar design to other Summit models, the Summit Smart Gas Barbecue has been upgraded with a lage, HD colour touchscreen on the control panel which allows users to set the temperature and select cooking method. The screen will show how to cook the food, including where to place it on the grill, and will adjust its heat levels to ensure even cooking. This information can also be found and monitored via the Weber Connect app.

Other exciting features of the Summit Smart Gas Barbecue include ‘Flavoriser’ bars, IR broiler, side burner, a night vision motion-sensing lid with integrated LED lights and a large cooking space and prep stations. Could this be the most impressive barbecue from Weber to date? It certainly looks like it to me!

2. A mini version of the Weber Traveler

Weber Traveler

(Image credit: Weber)

Holding top spot in our best portable barbecue guide, the Weber Traveler is getting a sibling this year, in the form of the Weber Traveler Compact Gas Barbecue. As mentioned in our 5-star Weber Traveler review, the original barbecue folds up like a deckchair and offers expert portability, but we found it to be a little bulky to carry. But Weber seems to have solved this problem by creating a miniature version.

Close to the original in terms of style, the compact version of the Weber Traveler has a one-handed set-up and assisted fold-down for easy portability and carrying. It uses a low-to-high temperature range to cook a variety of delicious foods from anywhere and everywhere. As it won’t be released until the spring, we’re not entirely sure how small it will be yet, but I’m sure it’ll become a beach-day and camping-trip favourite.

3. Bigger is better with the largest ever Master-Touch

Weber Master-Touch BBQ

(Image credit: Weber)

In the opposite direction, Weber is super-sizing its renowned charcoal barbecue by making its largest Master-Touch to date. With a 67cm cooking grate, the new Master-Touch Charcoal BBQ offers more grilling space so you can cook for even more people at a time.

Prices and release dates are yet to be announced by Weber, but I’m already excited for the 2024 barbecue season to start. Head over to the Weber website for more information on what’s new for 2024.

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