Want to buy the best turbo trainer? You can’t! But you can get a great deal on something much better

Previously unavailable to the general public, now could be the time to buy the Wattbike Icon with £620 off

Wattbike Icon deal
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The best turbo trainers (opens in new tab) are sold out everywhere. In fact, never mind the best turbo trainers – even the crap ones are sold out everywhere. And they won't be back in stock anytime soon either. 

You could get the much loved Wattbike Atom (opens in new tab) instead but the expected delivery on that is 5-7 weeks – not great if you want to work out indoors before the end of May. There is another solution to all this, however: this Wattbike Icon deal slashes the price of an even more pro version of this smart trainer by £620. Better still, expected delivery is within two weeks. Brilliant.

• Buy the Wattbike Icon directly from Wattbike, sale price £2,499, was £3,120, you save £620 (0% finance available) (opens in new tab)

The Wattbike Icon was designed to be used in gyms and other commercial settings, but in these – well – unprecedented times, Wattbike is opening up this product to the public, for those who want their training to continue with little to no interruption. 

Wattbikes share a lot of qualities with the absolute best turbo trainers: Zwift compatibility, class-leading metric crunching, free access to great training plans and, most important of all, massive amounts of resistance to your pedalling. And they don't require you to attach your road bike to them, which could be considered a plus. Basically, a Wattbike is like an exercise bike that rides like a real bike. 

This is brilliant deal, especially taking into consideration that all of the best home gym (opens in new tab) equipment is selling out everywhere like there is no tomorrow. Get the Icon while you can.

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Wattbike Icon commercial-grade indoor smart bike trainer | Sale price £2,499 | Was £3,120 | You save £620 at Wattbike (opens in new tab)
Crank up the power with the Wattbike Icon smart trainer. The Icon's max wattage is 2000w and the resistance is provided with a combination of air and magnetic force. Wattbike has not only made the Icon available to the public but also discounted the price heavily. This is a limited time offer, don't miss out!

Why should you buy the Wattbike Icon commercial grade smart bike trainer

Built for commercial use and including the full colour, 11” performance touchscreen, the Wattbike Icon can be purchased by the public for a limited time only, with the option of 6 months’ 0% finance.

Borne from the Pro/Trainer, the Icon uses both magnetic and air resistance, but with an upgraded magnetic resistance to allow for more precise resistance adjustments. Highly adjustable for the perfect bike fit, it can be customised with your own choice of pedals and saddle.

• Buy the Wattbike Icon directly from Wattbike, sale price £2,499, was £3,120, you save £620 (0% finance available) (opens in new tab)

The high-definition performance touchscreen includes workouts, plans, tests and the brand new interval builder, allowing you to create the ultimate personalised workout. Wattbike’s industry leading pedal analysis, Pedal Effectiveness Score and Polar View is available, as is ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity allowing connection to other leading training and racing apps, though unlike the Atom the resistance can’t be influenced by an external app and users instead need to use the manual shifting system supplied.

Matt Kollat
Matt Kollat

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