Watch this stunning new 4K TV transform into a work of art

The C SEED N1 transforming 4K TV is available now, and it looks jaw-dropping

C SEED N1 4K TV on display in room as TV and sculpture
(Image credit: C SEED)

We've seen some really innovative televisions over the past few years break cover, including LG's awesome rollable OLED TV, but this new effort from luxury TV maker C SEED seems to have them all beat.

That's because the C SEED N1 4K TV transforms from a 4K MicroLED HDR 10+ display into a simply stunning sculpture work of art.

In sculpture mode the N1 looks like a one-piece art work, all modern clean lines and soft smooth corners. However, thanks to a unique rotatable and folding display, it can then expand out and transform into a full blown 4K HDR 10+ TV.

Watch the C SEED N1 video below to see it transform.

 CEO of C SEED, Alexander Swatek, explains the thinking behind the N1 as follows:

“We operate on the top end of the high-end market. Many of our clients collect art, all appreciate latest media technology, and all demand a visual quality that complies with highly refined interior design, be it classic, modern, or totally avantgarde. C SEED is proud to provide all that in one totally unique product that adds to the value of luxurious living spaces.”


(Image credit: C SEED)

Indeed, the tech spec on the N1 is truly high-end for the TV market today, with the panel built from MicroLED technology and boasting HDR10+ support in terms of high dynamic  range visuals.

The hottest technology that the N1 delivers, though, is its Adaptive Gap Calibration tech, which means the borders between the TV's constituent panels appear to disappear to provide a seamless screen experience when in TV mode.

The N1 also doesn't disappoint in the audio department, coming with twin 100-watt broadband speakers integrated.

In terms of sizing, the N1 comes in 103, 137 and 165-inch screen sizes.


(Image credit: C SEED)

So a stunning, state-of-the-art 4K TV that anyone would die to own, then? Well, quite. The only sticking point to widespread ownership, though, is the N1's pricing, which starts at 180.000,00 EUR / 190,000.00 USD.

Maybe not for most buyers, then! Still, an amazing new 4K TV that takes the field of transforming screens to a new level.

For those who are not able to shop in the N1's price range, be sure to check out T3's best 4K TVs buying guide, which is stuffed full of quality displays that, while they don't transform, they do cost much less money.


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