Watch: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Dead Space get Totally Rated

We're checking out some of the biggest things in tech again

Totally Rated
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This week on Totally Rated we've got some massive gaming and tech updates. First up, that Dead Space remake that's set the internet alight. People are hyped for this game that's getting a considerable reworking for next generation gamers. First appearing on 2008 the game won over fans aplenty, but modern tech has moved on so much there was a great opportunity to capture some new eyeballs, both of the gamers and the alien hordes. 

Next on the show is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. This phone divides opinion, with some people arguing a folding phone is pointless if it opens up to be a normal-sized phones. Others argue that its smaller dimensions when folded make it a great, compact device that doesn't compromise (much) on features. That said, the Z Flip 3 does have some issues. A medicore battery is the biggest issue of all, and the cameras are okay but not overwhelming. All-in-all this phone is all about taste, and Samsung continues to keep the folding smartphone world turning. 

We were also treated to a very random incident recently that has caused waves in the Grand Theft Auto community. An episode of German gaming show  Schlag den Star was interrupted when a man burst on to the stage to ask the perplexed hosts when GTA 6 would be released. The whole thing is very strange, and while it looks authentic enough it also feels like it could be a staged publicity stunt or a joke by the production. 

The long wait for GTA 6 is one of life's big frustrations. But can we really complain that Rockstar is keeping quiet until the game is a bit closer to completion. After all, Cyberpunk 2077 fell foul of an ambitious set of plans and a roadmap that couldn't be achieved and fans got very angry when the game failed to meet expectations. The gaming community is just going to have to be patient for GTA 6 news, as it doesn't feel like any is coming soon. 

Stay tuned as new episodes of Totally Rated will roll out every week.

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