Want a OnePlus Open 2? You might need to wait a little longer

The OnePlus Open is widely considered the best foldable phone on the market – but its successor may be a way off

OnePlus Open review
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Leaked information has given us some further insight into the rumoured OnePlus Open 2.

That sounds like a killer foldable phone, which could cement the brand's status at the top of the pile.

While technology has always moved pretty fast, it's hard to deny the pace has gotten especially race-worthy over the last five years. The advent of foldable phones has pushed the envelope dramatically, with brands bringing all kinds of innovation to market. 

The market is absolutely flooded with models with different spec sheets and unique selling points. But over the last year or so, one has risen to be considered the best right now – the OnePlus Open.

As is always the case in such a forward-thinking industry, eyes have now turned to its successor. Rumours of a OnePlus Open 2 have been circulating for a little while. Now, a popular leaker on Weibo has unveiled some more details about the expected device.

Chief among them is the release window, which is set for Q1 2025. That's later than the first gen device, which launched in October 2023, and would leave the brand without a flagship foldable device release for the whole of 2024.

The device is expected to ship with the as yet unreleased Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chipset. Those chips tend to launch towards the end of the year, so we'd expect to know more about it in October or November this year.

Elsewhere, the leak suggests a redesigned hinge will be present, with the aim of reducing weight. There also looks set to be an ultra-flat – presumably that refers to the centre crease – folding screen, a high resolution cover display and a thinner design.

Perhaps more exciting comes on the back, where the handset is slated to use a periscope camera. That would be a significant step, though there are no other details given to support that. 

Regardless, it's an exciting prospect. After the fanfare surrounding the first-gen model, a lot of eyes will be sat upon the new handset. For those of us eager to get our hands on one, though, it seems patience will be a necessary trait.

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