Vodafone fibre broadband deal is the cheapest super-fast fibre package going

Rapid fibre broadband from Vodafone for a market-leading low price

Vodafone broadband deals
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This Vodafone fibre broadband deal is definitely worth checking out by anyone currently looking to upgrade their home internet. That's because Vodafone is currently running an offer whereby it is charging the same price for its Superfast fibre 2 package as it costs for its cheaper fibre 1 deal, resulting in a package that delivers 63Mb average downloard speeds for just £23 per month.

T3's whole reason to exist is to get quality technology, products and services into people's hands for the lowest possible prices, which is why we are constantly searching for the best broadband deals on the market. This is how we know that Vodafone is leading the market in terms of fibre broadband deals with this cracking offer.

Amazingly, though, this deal gets even better if you are already a Vodafone customer. That's because if you already have a Vodafone phone contract then the price drops to £21 per month, rather than £23. It's a small extra saving, but over the 18-month plan length it cuts a further £36 off the package's price, so existing Vodafone customers should definitely exploit it.

The full details of the Vodafone fibre broadband deal can be viewed below:

Vodafone Superfast 2 Broadband

Vodafone Superfast 2 Broadband | 18 months | Avg speeds 63Mb | Line rental incl. | FREE activation | £23pm (or £21 for existing Vodafone customers)
This great offer delivers Vodafone's fastest fibre package for the same price as its regular Superfast 1 option. That's a package that delivers average download speeds of 63Mb at a monthly price of just £23 (or £21 if you already have a Vodafone phone plan), which is the best price on the market for this speed.

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