Vodafone SIM-only deal comes with a whopping 100GB for just £13 a month

Unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 100GB of mobile data

Vodafone SIM-only Deal Price

Vodafone has unleashed a stellar SIM-only deal that boasts more than enough 4G mobile data to stream the latest album on Spotify, catch-up on the Netflix series that everyone is talking about, and constantly back-up your photos without even making a dent in your total allowance for the month.

The SIM-only deal is on-sale right now from Mobiles.co.uk. Vodafone is offering unlimited text messages and unlimited calls, as well as a bumper 100GB of 4G data. While that isn't unlimited like the Three SIM-only deal, it's more than most people will ever be able to use each month.

Better yet, Mobiles.co.uk is offering £84 cashback on the SIM-only deal which brings the effective monthly cost to an unbelievable £13 a month. You will have to claim back the cashback in five instalments over the course of the 12-month contract by logging into the retailers' site and uploading copies of your bills. Granted, it's a bit of a pain, but to get this unbelievable SIM-only deal for £13 a month.

Vodafone SIM-Only Deal | 100GB of 4G mobile data | Unlimited calls, unlimited texts | £84 cashback by redemption | Effectively £13 a month
This is a barnstorming deal. Vodafone is offering an amazing 100GB of mobile data as well as unlimited texts and unlimited calls for just £20 a month. Best of all, that drops to an unbelievably reasonable £13.33 a month when you claim the generous £84 cashback.View Deal

... But if the prospect of sending evidence of your bills through to Mobiles.co.uk on a regular basis, there is another easier option. As you'd expect, the cashback is worth £34 less than the above deal, but you'll get it within a month-and-a-half of taking the offer. However, it's one less thing to worry about and still brings down the effective monthly cost to £15.83 a month. Bargain.