Virgin's broadband and TV deals are some of the best value options by a long way

Looking to score a new internet plan mixed in with TV packages? Virgin's broadband and TV deals could be the way to go.

Broadband and TV deals
(Image credit: Virgin Media)

We're all spending more time inside, deep into Netflix binges, heavy gaming sessions, and movie marathons galore. But what if your internet has been struggling and what if you're ready to branch out into the world of live TV?

There are a lot of broadband and TV deals out there that can supply this demand but right now, Virgin seems to do it best. It has two packages offering over 100 channels each, some fast fibre speeds, and good value pricing.

The cheaper of the two, the Big Bundle, is likely going to be the better option for most people. It costs just £33 a month and comes with speeds averaging 54Mb. At that price, you're then getting over 100 channels.

Jump up in cost and you can upgrade to the creatively named Bigger Bundle. This boosts your speeds to 108Mb averages and increases the number of channels to over 220 including BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD.

You can see these two Virgin broadband deals below:

Virgin Big Bundle | 54 Mbps guaranteed speeds | £35 Free setup | £33 p/m | 12 month contract | Available now
The cheaper of the two packages, Virgin's Big Bundle lands you some strong speeds of 54Mb and throws in over 100 channels for you to power through. Then for good measure, Virgin will also give you free weekend calls. All of that comes in at just £33 a month and nothing upfront.View Deal

Virgin Bigger Bundle | 108 Mbps guaranteed speeds | £35 Free setup | £45 p/m | 12 month contract | Available now
Need more channels and some faster speeds? Step up to Virgin's Bigger Bundle and you'll be rewarded with just that. Like the above option, you're not having to pay anything upfront but with this one, the monthly bills are £45. The speeds average 108Mb and here you're getting over 220 channels including BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD and top Sky channels in HD.View Deal

You can see how these broadband and TV deals compare to the best in the market below. Our broadband comparison engine pulls in the very best deals from all of the UK's suppliers and then lets you filter and sort them as you desire — perfect for narrowing down the right broadband upgrade.