Virgin Media turbo charges ultrafast broadband speeds to 200Mbps

90% of Virgin Media customers will get the upgrade by the end of 2015

Virgin Media customers are in for a treat after it delivered a shot of nitrous oxide to its already lightning quick broadband speeds that are passing 200Mbps for the first time.

The company announced the plans as part of a rebrand of its ultrafast broadband offering that sees it relaunched as Vivid and it encompasses the current top speed of 150Mbps and the new 200Mbps speed.

It is the third time in just five years that Virgin Media has upgraded its top line speed for ultrafast broadband customers and in real terms it means that an entire two hour HD movie can be downloaded in three minutes and two seconds or a music album in a minuscule three seconds.

Virgin Media plans to start contacting its 4.6 million broadband customers this week and explain how they can opt-in to receive the upgrade from October 1 and its Docsis 3 technology means that 90% of customers will be able to benefit from the speeds by the end of 2015.

The company also claims that even customers on Virgin Media's bottom end 70Mbps ultrafast broadband are getting the same level of services as users opting for broadband from providers on the BT network.

That of course includes BT Infinity, which currently only offers a top end speed of 76Mbps to its users although many of its packages come with free TV offerings. Sky Fibre, meanwhile, serves up the same 76Mbps speed and the availability of both is still not at the level of Virgin Media's network.

Press release: Virgin Media Paints a Vivid Future for UK Broadband