Vegan protein powder deal: 40% off on Bulk Powders' vegan range for World Vegan Day

Animal cruelty-free supplements from Bulk Powders for dirt cheap to celebrate World Vegan Day

cheap vegan protein powder deal
(Image credit: Bulk Powders)

Want cheap vegan protein powder deals, vegan protein bar offers, even vegan mass gainer protein mixes? Today is World Vegan Day and to celebrate it in style, Bulk Powders discounted their whole vegan range by 40%, making achieving cruelty-free gains all the easier – on your wallet anyway. Stock up on animal product free supps today.

• Shop Bulk Powders' 40% off vegan sale (use the code VEGAN40)

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Our top picks from the Bulk Powders World Vegan Day 40% off sales

Bulk Powders Vegan Mass Gainer, 2.5 kg pouch, Various flavours | Sale price £22.79 | Was £37.99 | Save £15.20 (40%)
One serving of the Vegan Mass Gainer contains a staggering 30 grams of protein and 367 calories. It is also soy free and has no artificial sweeteners, colouring or flavourings. Given that it's plant based, it is also high in fibre but low sugar, perfect for lean bulking!View Deal

Bulk Powders Vegan protein bar, Box of 12 | Sale price £17.93 | Was £29.88 | Save £11.95 (40%)
Containing 21 grams of protein per bar 74-gram bar, the Vegan Protein Bar is healthy and delicious. The bars are sweetened by natural Stevia and contain grated coconut, coconut oil as well as Pea Protein Isolate and Rice Protein Concentrate. Step up your snack game with these high-protein vegan snacks bars.View Deal

Bulk Powders Veganbiotic, 60 capsules | Sale price £10.79| Was £17.99 | Save £7.20 (40%)
We'll let Bulk Powders do the talking here: "Veganbiotic is a unique multi-strain formula of 16 live cultures combined with Inulin. If you are looking for a high quality, highly dosed vegan-friendly hit of live cultures, this [product] is for you". Meaning if you are looking for a live  culture top up, you might as well have one of these capsules!View Deal

Bulk Powders Vegan protein powder, 500-gram pouch, Various flavours | Sale price £8.99 | Was £14.99 | Save £6 (40%)
With 23 grams of muscle building plant protein in each serving, this vegan protein powder is a perfect alternative to whey protein. Gone are the days when vegans had to create their own protein concoctions. The Bulk Powders Vegan protein powder is also ;ow in sugar and saturated fat, high in fibre, soy and gluten free and contains no artificial sweeteners or colours. Wins all round.View Deal

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