Vector Lunar and Meridian take the fight to the Apple Watch

Two new stylish smartwatches break cover at Baselworld, with mammoth 30-day battery lives

If you thought the Apple Watch was the only smartwatch in town, get a load of Vector. It's just lifted the lid on two models: the Lunar and the Meridian. Both have bags of style, and monster 30-day battery lives. Which is roughly 30 times that of the Apple Watch.

Instead of trying to put your phone on your wrist, they're streamlined, stripped back affairs. The Luna is round, like the Moto 360 and LG Watch Urbane. Its case is 44mm solid stainless steel with hardened mineral crystal. And you can take in the drink, as it's waterproof to 50m/5ATM.

The Meridian is rectangular, with a 40.5mm case made of the same material, and the same water resistance. Both work with Android, iOS and Windows handsets.

For both, you can choose either a solid stainless steel bracelet with butterfly enclosure, or a lined leather or silicon strap, both of which have a forged stainless steel buckle.

They don't run Android Wear, but Vector's own operating system. The black and white screen means it will last 30 days before needing a recharge, and it's always on. You have to move the Apple Watch or press the digital crown to activate the screen.

The firm claims the watches know when you're at work, sleeping, running or at home, and will give you relevant information. Obviously we'll have to try it for ourselves to see how well it works. They come with the usual step and calorie counting, distance travelled and sleep tracking.

They will also play nice with the Nest thermostat, stocks, weather and sports apps.

Sound exciting? They're cheaper than the Apple Watch too, starting at £169. You can pre-order now.

Vector is a new company started by the former CEO of Timex, and an ex-Nike watch designer. These are its first products, and we have to say, we're impressed.