Underrated Ryan Reynolds dark comedy leaves Amazon Prime Video this week

Listen to the voices... watch this movie

The Voices
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For most people when they hear the name Ryan Reynolds, they picture him in the Deadpool suit, but I always imagine him in a far odder outfit, a bright pink jumpsuit. But if you want to see him wear it, in what is something of a hidden gem, you need to act fast.

That's because The Voices is leaving Amazon Prime Video on the 1st of March. Thank goodness it's a leap year because that gives you an extra day to watch one of the weirdest movies around, if you love Donnie Darko then this is a must-watch on one of the best streaming services

Reynolds plays Jerry, a kind-hearted guy suffering from serious delusions. His pink jumpsuit belongs to the factory he works at and he lives a safe, if lonely life. It almost seems like the set-up to a rom-com until an accident causes things to spiral way out of control. Like, human heads in the fridge levels of out of control. 

Furthering the Donnie Darko parallels Jerry hears voices in his head. His dog Bosco and cat Mr Whiskers act like the angel and devil on his shoulder (proving once and for all that cats are evil), giving him guidance as his actions unravel his quiet life. Reynolds voices both his feline and canine companions and while a little silly, these scenes are often very funny.

This film is more than just a joke though, director Marjane Satrapi (who you might know from the amazing Persepolis) manages to make it both a solid horror and thriller despite the laughs. Alongside Reynolds' strong central performance, we are treated to excellent showings from Gemma Arterton, Anna Kendrick and Jacki Weaver. 

It may only have a respectable but unspectacular 75% on Rotten Tomatoes but I'm not alone in loving this flick, Reynolds himself tweeted that it was "One of my favorite movies I’ve ever done. Never really got its day in court, but man, it’s weird and fun and beautiful."

If that sounds like a good enough reason to watch, then make sure you do it before March 1st. 

Andy Sansom
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