Transparent 2.4-inch AMOLED display shows GPS future

Multi-touch technology slots into see-through AMOLED

Take a look into, and through, the future

The future of inbuilt GPS units could be about to take a big step forward as a transparent AMOLED display gets demoed.

The AUO 2.4-inch transparent AMOLED multi-touch display could, in theory at least, be constructed into a car's windshield acting as a screen for the vehicle's inbuilt Sat Nav system.

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Although it is possible to see straight through the screen, (see video below), at present, the display is too cloudy to be safely fitted into a car's windshield for use as the ultimate inbuilt GPS unit. AUO do however have plans to produce an improved 7-inch version of the transparent display.

Other applications for the mini window style AMOLED could build on its multi-touch technology that offers pinch-to-zoom functions and the ability to create notes.

Although still in its early stages, we could see transparent AMOLED displays such as the AUO model being big players in the future. Plus as a bonus, we can't see too many thieves stealing a whole windshield to nab your Sat Nav.

Via: Ubergizmo