Top-of-the-line Beats headphones have 49% knocked off asking price on Amazon

That's the sound of a sweet deal!

Beats Studio Pro
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These days, having a decent pair of headphones is just as important as having a decent phone, and if you're on the hunt for a new pair, then we’ve found a pretty amazing deal. Amazon has slashed the price of the Beats Studio Pro from $349.99 to $179.95 – that's a 49% saving, which is pretty damn decent if you ask us!

In our four-star review of the Studio Beats Pro, we praised these noise-cancelling headphones for their improved sound quality, better fit, and refined features in comparison to its predecessor, the Beats Studio 3. It's also the cheapest price we've seen these headphones this year so, if you're keen to get your hands on a pair, we wouldn't hesitate for too long.

Beats Studio Pro: was $349.99 to $179.95

Beats Studio Pro: was $349.99 to $179.95

Save 49% off these top-of-the-line headphones from Beats. Built beautifully, with impressive audio quality, a compact folding design and decent battery life, there's very little to criticise about the Beats Studio Pros. 

If you're a fan of lively, energetic music, with decent bass, then you'll definitely be a fan of the Studio Pro Plus', as these noise-canceling headphones will amplify your favourite tunes and bring them alive. However, if you're looking for a pair of headphones that offer a more neutral sound signature or audiophile-level soundstage, then you may want to continue your search with our best noise-canceling headphone guide. Just be warned, deals as good as this one don't come around too often.

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