TomTom Touch Cardio puts heart rate and more on your wrist

Despite the affordable £90 price this wearable packs in the stats

TomTom has just announced its second activity tracker in the wrist worn TomTom Cardio. This model, unlike the already released Touch with Body Composition, aims to be more affordable and accessible for all.

As you’d imagine the activity tracker can measure your steps taken and calories burned in a day but it also manages to offer heart rate built-in right there on the wrist. 

The design is a minimalist one with a slim build focused on that large OLED display that offers data on the day and night monitoring. Yup, this tracks sleep too, which is ideal for such a unobtrusive unit that shouldn’t be noticed day or night.

The TomTom Touch Cardio is also able to offer smartphone notifications for calls and messages. It works all this data into the new TomTom Sports app to display data in a clear yet informative way.

The TomTom Touch Cardio is out in March for £89.99. That makes it £40 cheaper than the TomTom Touch with Body Composition which also offers fat and muscle percentage data.

TomTom's Touch is a properly useful fitness tracker