Today’s Wordle answer: Tuesday March 8, #262 with tips, clues and solution

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We got today’s Wordle answer in just 3 guesses. It was a sweet victory but perhaps undermined slightly by the fact that it was much easier than yesterday’s Wordle 261. That wasn’t all that hard, but compared to this it was like quantum mechanics.

Before continuing with today’s solution, consider perusing T3’s official guide to Wordle. We have never actually lost at Wordle so far, and in The Wordle Guide you will learn the secrets of our success. By sending us £50 per month we will teach you even more, so you can ascend to be a 15th level Wordle Bishop, like we are. 

Today's Wordle hint

If you don’t get today’s Wordle, you may say ‘oh sugar!’ There was also a 70s band called this who had a big hit with the song Blockbuster.  

Is there any Wordle controversy today?  

Scientists finding Wordle solution

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There’s no controversy today around Wordle because everyone is now going mad for Heardle. In this, you are given six guesses to work out what a tune is, based on a gradually increasing number of musical notes. It seems much harder than Wordle to us, but that might be because the tunes chosen are all quite recent, rather than being from classic rock, 90s rave, Krautrock and obscure 80s indie.

Words with several vowels – which this is – often seem to confuse keen Wordlers but looking on Twitter, most seem to have triumphed today. 

Today's Wordle solution


Today's solution is cloth

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‘Impressive’. Not our words, readers; the words of Wordle itself. 

Sweet is a word meaning ‘sugary’. It’s… well come on, you don’t need us to explain what sweet means, surely? ‘Sweet’ is also what you might exclaim upon nailing this Wordle with your first ‘proper’ guess. The Candyman famously used the catchphrase ‘sweets for the sweet’, although one other thing he did that wasn’t so sweet was to appear behind victims who said his name five times, and eviscerate them with a big, pointy hook. That’s positively salty and sour, in our book! 

To achieve today’s 3-guess Wordle triumph, we started with our usual one-two punch of ALIEN and SHOUT and produced 3 letters in the right place. Seconds later, we arrived at SWEET. The results were, as you can see from the image above, hailed as ‘impressive’. 

Does anyone know the way? There’s got to be a way… 

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